need hot chironomids!!!

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  1. im out of ideas for my chironomid box and i was wondering if any one had any hot patterns that i could tie up to fill the extra space. (theres a lot of extra space)
  2. I've had good luck with these I came up with:


    Very simple to tie and the fish at pass lake really loved them.
  3. Chads look great. any fine dub works for the body. In my experience midges are the ONLY place where color seems to matter, and I have NO clue why. I wouldn't hit the water without red, black, and olive and most importantly the old school brassie. That sumbich just works even though it isn't fashionable. I prefer a peacock head with antron gills personally, but a bright head like Chad tied is another great option. Something a little bright at the head. I also like Vrib wrapped bodies because it cuts out the ribbing step.
  4. The Pornomid , and the Chromie are two patterns I wouldn`t want to be without here in BC
    The pictured fly is the Chromie .The Pornomid is tied with video tape , or anti-static bags cut into strips , and ribbed with wire . Beads , gills etc are the tyers choice. I`ll post a pic of the Pornomid , if needed .
  5. thanks guys! any more?
  6. Liquid Lace Chironomids. In Particular "The Ultimate"
  7. Try this

    I use these alot in the UK and have great success with them. One of my favourites is the Flexifloss Buzzer which can produce slim patterns with a segmented effect. This is a UK site for you to get an idea of.

    Or just use a search engine for Flexifloss Buzzer. Flexifloss maybe called something else on your side of the pond.

    They are easy to tie so I make most of my own!

    Hope that helps.

  8. Yeah I relized that after I posted it. Here is a pattern thats worked well
  9. Good lookin' chironos. I think the "Flexifloss" is equivalent to Superfloss - nice, stretchy material.

    By the way, what's the head on those Buzzers? Looks like some sort of goop.

  10. Hi Marc

    The head/cheeks on this example comes from a dab of fluoro model paint and then varnished of course.

    I suppose a sort of goop but they are available in different colours.

  11. One of the newest issues of Fly Tyer Magazine has some great chironomids from a guy in the Kamloops area. I forgot his name but he's got quite a few lake patterns in that issue. I usually tie mine with a larva lace body or a thread body ribbed with different colors of wire and coated with super glue. The second method is one that I saw years ago in Flyfishing magazine, I think that Gene Gudger wrote the article. I'll try to post a picture of some of them tonight.

    Good luck,

    Steve S
  12. The guy's name is Hermann Fischer winner of the 2003 BCFF Jack Shaw tying award.His chironomid pattern is called the ultimate,a liquid lace pattern and about as buggy as they get.I have two of his samples and they are unreal...!
  13. A friend of mine has a great UK fly tying site, lots of patterns, no advertising. Look at the buzzers section.

  14. Here's a couple of pics of some of my chironomids. Not the best pictures but you should get the idea.

    Steve S

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  15. wow just joined this site today as I've been looking for a place to soak up knowledge from guys who have had success. Best thing I've ever done. I've learned so much about chironomids. They are my favorite fly as I fish a lot of local lakes and have bought a few patterns from Joes (formerly G.I. Joes) that really made the fish go crazy. The only thing is that they are expensive and I would like to learn to tie the flies as I feel like it adds another demention to the sport. I'll keep looking on here and try and post any lessons I learn for others.

  16. Ooooo, I bet old cassette tape would also make a really nice chronnie body. Genius.:D

    Maybe I'll go all out and put a little cat fur dub in there too just to really sex it up.
  17. the chromers in various sizes with a red rib used to indispensible on Pass Lake, but then again that was years ago. No tungsten beads then , more recently yes, that and the black/yellow, 2x scud hook was a good choice
  18. Is this hot enough ? here's a shot of one of my designs in my sight tank


    For a short history of the origin of thie design, see an article i wrote a few years back for Paul at Sexyloops

    This is an easier one to build


    This one hooks better


    This is a fine sunk fly


    Degrease the tippet on all of these designs. See above article for details.
    Tight lines,


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