need hot chironomids!!!

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Zach M, Sep 30, 2007.

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    Those are impressive ties and I very much like those shown in the last images. Out of curiosity, why are you seeking a wet witch? As the old saying goes "...its as cold as a witch's ......" but that is left for everyone's interpretation.:rofl:
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    Hey, obi,
    that's who I was when I registered many years ago, these days I usually go by the title of RoyChristie
    I wanted a wet witch - well you know the old story, immerse them in water and if they manage to survive the ducking they are deemed guilty and get hanged. If they die, when immersed, they are buried in the grave of an innocent.

    I was looking for one that could look up and see what was on the surface then report back :).
    As it turned out I got a scuba diver who is a practising witch.

    Thanks for asking, that question haunted me for a while.

    Thanks for the kind words on the designs.


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    I fish chironomids 95% of the time and I like to think I learned from someone who really knew his shit, I have found the simple, thin ties are the most effective, since moving to Montana and fishing the lakes around the Flathead valley I have had a ton of success w/ chironomids, very hard to find any other guys fishing them here, I get some strange looks until they start seeing me catching fish, then they become very interested, I almost always fish the basic colors, black, greens, tans, brass beads, and a wire rib, peacock herl for the thorax and antron for the gills...I don't know if any of that helps. good luck
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    At Orvis buy Ian's brass ass and replicate that.
  6. Grayone Fishin' to the end, Oc.P

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    Very nice chronies.............

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    Okay, so I'm not a chironomid fisherman, partly because I don't know crap about it, don't have more than a couple of patterns in my fly box and wonder about fly fising with that indicator bobber thing. Anyway, if an idiot such as I wanted to get a good read about how to, what would you dedicated chironomiders recommend? There are lakes around here that some say are very productive with chironomids and barely productive with streamers, emergers or dries. Thanks for some education.
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    HI Zach M,

    Here's a few epoxy Buzzers from Ireland!!!




    There's a very fine line between fishing and sitting in a boat like a pratt!!

    My site:
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    Took a look at your site. Beautiful colors in the dyed materials. Those Irish Claret colors are terrific, as is the picric dyed hares mask.

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    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for the compliment.Yeah the claret is really good when any naturals are emerging and the picric hare's mask is great for crustean and olive patterns.The guard hare's retain their bright yellow, while the soft under dub goes a lovely olive colour.I use them alot over here on the wild loughs!!!
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    Check out the "v-rib Chironomid" on that page. Tied by some unknown dude named Andy Simon, who claims it is a great fly. (somewhere in the lower half of the third column).
    (That name does sound vaguely familiar, though:)

    Steve S, those flies are really good lookin!