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  1. Suppose to fly from Fla. to Pasco this tuesday( 10/23/12 ) to spend 5 day's on the grande Ronde. Problem is the guide has not returned any phone call's or text's. I know him personally ( Well thougth I did ) Anybody recommend a guide & are there place's to fish w/o guide ? Thank's in advance.
  2. There is no service on pretty much all of the ronde...if he is guiding he is probably out of reach, i would bet he will get back to you before your trip date.
  3. attack is correct, your guide will almost certainly have to come up out of the canyon to call you back. If he has back-to-back trips booked, this can be very difficult. Hopefully he'll confirm but yes, there is a lot of wade access water if you want to risk coming without a confirmation.

    If you really want to try to get a hold of him before you get on a plane, you might try calling Bogan's Oasis and see if they know him and/or can get a message to him. 509-256-3372
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