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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Andy, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. So where they at? Kilck, Met, OP, Kalama?

    I will be flying in to SeaTac on Wednesday so that I can fish all weekend, but we're disagreeing on where to go. Let's have a little help from my friends.

    Thanks guys
  2. Let me start this off. I heard that the Methow has been a little slow and overrun with people, but is still the most consistent river in the state for steel. (I have fished there for months at a time before and never seen another fisherman before... how lame)
    I heard that the OP has a few steelies in the Hoh, Sol Duc and Bogie, plus plenty of late silvers and some fresh chums.
    I have heard that the Klick is hit and miss. There are some steelhead, but they are scattered throughout the river and could be hard to find, but could be a solid choice.
    I havent heard anything about the Kalama or any other SW rivers.
    Can anyone at least verify or contradict what I have read? I am 1500 miles away from Washington, so my information is all second-hand.

    4 Days....
  3. Sorry, Andy. I've been putzing around chasing late silvers in large part because the usual options for early winter steel aren't panning out this year.


    Salmo g.
  4. Uh, there aren't any steelhead in the OP streams right now so I don't know where you got that from. It is an in between time right now, the hatchery summer runs are in the hatchery and the initial winter runs are far and few between. And.. there aren't any chums in the Queets, Hoh, or Quileute, so I don't know where you would get that information from. We have a handful of summer chum, but they number less than 100 for all the watersheds combined.

    There are dark silvers remaining and a few dark kings, along with the occasional bright ones, but that is it.

    Definitely nothing to write home about. Looks like you should have planned your trip for October, not mid-November. Try the Rhonde for steelhead, perhaps the Clearwater too, or the Klick. Good luck.
  5. Thanks guys. I just had to make some stuff up to get a response or two. It was all just BS. I know that I should plan my trip for October, but I didnt have a choice this time.
    Tight Lines
  6. No problem Andy, I would fish the east side if I were you. Try the desert streams, but if you want coho then try the OP, although it will be a tad late for the nice bright fish. Good luck.
  7. I haven't fished the Grande Ronde myself, but the reports I've heard (both first and second-hand reports) are that it is probably your best bet. The Methow is overrun with people and although there are fish, they are pretty tough right now. If you know the river really well and know "the spots within the spots," you can do pretty well, but if you have only a general knowledge of where holes are, you are going to spend a lot of time slapping the water trying to figure out where the takers are.

    Only second-hand reports on the Klick which sounds like it has some fish, but the action is pretty inconsistent and you'll need to watch the river levels with the recent precip.

    The Big D has some fish, but is pretty sporadic. I've fished it a few times this fall and seen some fish caught, but it has not been hot unless something has happened in the last week or two.

    I'd say chase chums, but the wet-side rivers are awfully high right now.
  8. Dilemmas...
    Chase chums on the wetside, or drive 5+ hours to fight the crowds and throw at steelhead....

    Thanks for the input guys - let us know if any fresh reports come in!!!
  9. Just watch the river flows and pass reports. The rivers are high right now and you may need to hit them over on Hood Canal in the salt.

    We've also had some pass problems this year as well. Snoqualmie I think is still only down to one lane in each direction because of rockslides. We've had a lot of winter weather up there already this year, so your 5+ hour drive may become 8+
  10. The ronde has slowed down, i fished it hard for 3 days and only got into fish on one of the days, but i did land 5 in about 1 and a half hours. It seems like there are a bunch of fish a ways above boggans, and a few down at the mouth, but not much in between. The shitty weather really slowed the fishing down, i think it would have been hot if there was sun. There are a bunch of steelies this year, just a matter of finding them.

  11. As already said, the Methow is slow. Water temp. today was between 36 and 38 most of the day. River flow is down to 343cfs, send some of that westside rain this way. Only seen a few fish hooked but none landed today. If you like cold, slow and fishless days the Methow is the ticket right now.

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