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  1. Forensics came back from the lab re: Dan's first steelhead and how it got away.

  2. Holy shit LMAO.
  3. Good work golfman44! That fvcktard Daniel had the fish close in but didn't have his rod low and toward the shore. I suggest P.E.#1 whack and wrap Daniel around the head with the landing net to help Daniel learn and remember - forever - proper rod position while playing steelhead. Mystery solved!
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  4. Evan is just making sure it is clear down range before he pulls the trigger, and brings the hurt.
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  5. High stick is for dem bassin' shows.
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  6. High sticking =

  7. All I heard was people telling me to keep the rod tip up. I hate all of you.
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  8. Will Smith has really let himself go.
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  9. I swear to god I think I am learning all of these valuable lessons the hard way.
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  10. Never listen to guys fishing with you. It always makes better tales when you F'up.
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  11. To be fair, I think Evan said that one time and it was when he was about to net it so he wanted the head out of the water. I'll check the video to confirm

    Edit: Nevermind, he said it when the fish ran upstream/away from you, so he was right
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  12. Can anyone shuttle me on the sky right freaken now?
  13. Dan, I will tail your first steelhead #tailwhisperer
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  14. The school of hard knocks comes highly recommended, even though the tuition can be a tad steep.
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  15. Don't go hatin'. Your rookie thread and subsequent ones contain most of what is needed to know how to fish for steelhead. Well that, and pages of BS. Separate the wheat from the chafe and you have a best seller guide on how to.

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  16. 2fish.png Thats much better.
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  17. If you look carefully, you can see how the fish felt about this net job.
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  18. Looks like I hooked Charlie Brown
  19. Oh man, this is pure gold!

    If it's any consolation Dan, most of us have attended the same school of hard knocks and crappy lessons. I'm just glad most of mine weren't recorded for the world to see. :D
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  20. It's the nets fault ,never use a shiny net on a bright day,use a wood framed net ,,, much cooler pictures . Metal framed nets are a sure sign of a beader

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