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  1. Usually, when I see a net being used from the bank, there's a big Plano tackle box nearby.
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  2. Hmm metal net = 40.00, Wood net = 180.00. I will just spray paint my metal nets brown.
  3. Just a big ginger in this case
  4. However, I will still probably buy a wooden net in the future.
  5. Acually I wrap the hoop with electrical tape to solve the shine issue
  6. Oh you were being serious about the shine thing? No shit?
  7. Don't be one of those guys that goes steelheading with a little 14" net hanging off your vest.
  8. This is not the first time Evan has missed!
  9. not sure what your getting at, i have a kid so i know where to stick it when its fishy
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  10. [​IMG]
  11. Sorry, wrong Evan.

  12. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...... #bootgate
  13. Show me!!!!! ;)
  14. Are we referencing that one time on the Methow a few years ago that one shook the hook near shore while I was getting the net in position?
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  15. Too many Evans on this thread!
  16. Fixed it.

    And it didn't come unbuttoned. Still had a peace of it's tongue on the hook.
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  17. Fixed
  18. The truth comes out ,damn the luck !
  19. I'd never. Next thing you know every vinochebag would be at that run.
  20. Wait, you're a "World Renowned Florida Tarpon Fly Fishing Expert and Guide.", but you don't when to side-stick it?
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