Never Fear - The COHO are here??

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  1. The opener that you speak of is for blackmouth. I've burned alot of gas both in the car and on the boat, spent alot of sleepless nights, talked to hoards of fishermen, and read through various boards coming to the conclusion that its a bust of a Coho year... again!

    From all the Sekiu reports most of the fish weren't being caught in the shipping lanes in the 600'+ of water, but rather in 150'-250' of water and only 1-2 miles out, but many of those fish were un-marked. It would make sense that those fish were heading our way, but where are they??? Its almost mid October, and still no stellar fishing reports. I'd love to be proven wrong, but Im going to switch gears and do some SRC fishing to make up for the lack luster salmon season.

    Feel free to PM me if I am wrong and anyone finds these fish, but with the closures of many of our waters from here to Hood Canal to harvest those much needed eggs indicates to me that not only am I right, but also the WDFW knows that something is up.
  2. Hope is good, but when there is nothing
    left to hope for, it's foolish.... Not to be
    doom and gloom but I do recall the good
    old days, and this ain't them. No Coho,
    fewer chum... at least the cutties are doing
    well in the Sound.

  3. Yes silvers are in very low #'s again! Whats new? For year humans have wrecked their habitat and put to much fishing pressure on them. But you all know this anyhow. If you all want a silver season in the future its up to you to help-
    Join CCA, help local salmon restoration non-profits...

    I'll get off my soap box...
  4. Just wondering as I don't remember the dates but a few years ago toward the end of November or early December there was a really bad storm that caused all kinds of severe flooding in the NW. I-5 under water, homes wrecked...all kinds of bad stuff. Does this years poor run of silvers coincide to storm damage caused by the flooding. What is it generally four years for silvers to return to back to the stream?
  5. 1.8 million smolts, spawned in the Wallace hatchery, and later transferred directly to the Squaxin Island net pens in the sound and released a few months later, have had an equally (if not worse) return this year than all the wrecked river habitat. Just saying...

  6. we have run from sequim to canada multiple times, logged a ton of hours searching. what the sonar shows are individual fish, every now and then, widely scattered. some folks have been fishing the shipping lanes out of PA around the marker buoy in 350-400' of water. here today, gone tommorrow. seiku had a great fishery for a couple of weeks but it makes one wonder if those were columbia fish that stopped in for a snack, who knows.

    all that said, i am sure WDFW has revised the forecast returns, reduced the kill quotas for the commercials and is actively managing the slim returns with an eye to the future. oh, did i mention the gill nets are in already??
  7. Well i know the southern puget sound fishery is very reliant on hatchery production for a worthwhile coho and chinook fishery so out of curiousity I emailed a few people at the WDFW and asked where our license money was going and how come fishing has been absolutley terrible the last couple of years. They told me that most of our license money goes to the general fund and with the state budget cuts WDFW is not getting any of that money to raise fish. Instead it is going to other state entities.
  8. F that.
  9. and when budget = policy there leaves little $ for hatchery feesh
  10. I'm such a good coho fisherman this year, I bought 20 lbs. of coho from a Hood Canal Native American for $35, because I couldn't catch any two days ago! They were doing quite well beach seining the day before, and told me they netted 75 coho off of one of my favorite beaches. The day I was there, they only had about 20 in the boat, well, 18 now after I bought two. And I'm with "Go Fish". Taking license fees and just throwing it into the General Fund really sucks! That's nothing new with local politicians as well. So there you have it! My latest Coho Fishing Report from dryflylarry.
  11. Larry PM me with where you purchased
    the grill is screaming at
    me for fish. So is my wife, even the dog
    and cat....zeros on my punch card.

  12. This just makes me sick.

    Copied from PP:

    PUGET SOUND COHO GETTING SCOOPED!!!! #627895 - 10/14/10 09:06 AM
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    Know a friend who has whitnessed some commercials bringing fish into a processing plant in Seattle TODAY OCTOBER 14th 2010...he talked to one of the captains and they are fishing near possession...said they got 32000lbs of Coho in two sets...said the fish are just now showing up in good numbers...lets pretend 10lb average on the fish...3,200 fish...DEAD...keep in mind this is from ONE BOAT...AND KEEP IN MIND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE FISH WAS HEADING TO A PUGET SOUND's happening right in front of our eyes...we've all suffered from the lack of Coho this year...and now they are finally showing up and GETTING a couple of cell phone pics...join a group...please try and do your part to stop this BS from happening guys...GET INVOLVED AND WE CAN STOP THIS..."


  13. Uh, isn't it legal what they are doing?

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