Never Used Lines Still In Packaging - 4,6,8

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Wildram007, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. Wildram007

    Wildram007 Guest

    RIO Classic DT4F optic yellow $20
    SA Mastery Distance WF6F mist green $25
    Cortland Lazerline WF8F orange $25

    Add shipping, if applicable, and you'll still be laughing - these lines are all new, in originally packaged state. I fish 3's and 5's for trout and don't need these back-ups as I originally intended.
  2. Wildram007

    Wildram007 Guest

    DT4 has been dibbed :thumb
  3. ceviche

    ceviche Active Member

    How do I hook up with you about that WF6F? I live in Seattle, in the Fremont District. You can email be through the site. I'm also heading for Idaho on Sunday to fish with a friend and would like to snag the line before that.

  4. Wildram007

    Wildram007 Guest

    WF6F Distance is dibbed by Ceviche "the dog" Goin-to-Idaho-Dude
  5. flyfishnm

    flyfishnm Member

    I would like to dib the wf8 if possible.
  6. Wildram007

    Wildram007 Guest

    WF8F goes to Fly :thumb
  7. Nailknot

    Nailknot Active Member

    Thanks WildRam- don't spend it all in one place!
  8. Wildram007

    Wildram007 Guest

    Nail - doh! Too late on that Jackson...

    ALL LINES SOLD :thumb

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