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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Richard Torres, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Since viewing some recent posts from my fellow anglers about their misshaps (and grimacing) while at play, it caught my attention that we don't have links we can access into finding what the roads are like before heading out.

    Being one that works on the roads, I thought "well this is just totally wrong Chris!" :clown:

    On a serious note, I recently posted some articles that have links to State Transportation Department home pages of your choice.
    So far I have only collected the links to our neighbors that border us, (I was thinking of you too Old Man even though Montana, or California for that matter, does not touch us) and it is a work in progress, which means that anyone who feels slighted that their state has not been included yet, are more than welcome to add thiers to the list.

    Check them out and feel free to give some feedback.

    Have a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year,

  2. If you would of put just,, you would of gone right to the road page and not had to search around in Idaho for it. I also get to it thru Montana DOT and Washington DOT.

    I try to keep up on road conditions. One never knows when a road trip is in the cards.
  3. Jim,
    I noticed the same thing on some of the other sites (ex: California). I tried to keep a look out for the quickest link to good information.
    I'm taking down notes.

  4. I have WSDOT in my favorites. I look at cameras, like the Vantage Bridge, to get an idea of wind conditions and Rye Grass to check the snow.

    You can access them by regions.

  5. My ex son in law just left from here to go back to Washington. I scoped out the passes in all three States. And the last report I got from him was that he was driving in snow from Dillon to Spokane. I know it is/was snowing on Stevens and also Snoqualmie this morning. I hope he makes it home OK.

    Yeah, this is one of the things I look at every morning. Even though I ain't going anywhere I still look at the roads and the passes.

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