New Boat Model-Need Help with a Name!

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by BDD, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Ding, Ding, Ding, that is a clear winner by far and nothing else comes close but...I like to be respectful of everyone and I might get more poor ratings from a certain NFO aficionado.

    Still, it might be worth it...have to think. The other names worth considering at this point are Flintstone and Freestone.
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  2. Ok, how about the "NAS 88".

    Then, let the internet rumors fly about what "NAS" stands for, lol! It could be the first in a whole line of "NAS" boats. Or, each boat could be slightly different: "BTS" (better than Scadden) or DNS (definitely not Scadden) or "NAFS", etc.

    But, you might want to consult an attorney first...
  3. A pic or two of you landing 150# tarpon while kicking around the jungles of Costa Rica in the NAS88 might be a good sales tool..... Strictly a business trip, for accounting purposes.
  4. PT I think the pic should be fighting a 20# Steelhead while drifting through some class 5 rapids just maneuvering with your fins.:)
  5. Or how about something like CR88 for this Mini-raft which would stand for Catchercraft Raft 8'8" and for your 'toons change the name to CC100 which would stand for Catchercraft Cataraft 10'0" as an example.
  6. The CatcherCraft OpenWater.

    Opens you up to all types of water.
  7. Better yet - call it the Moses - it literally splits the water!
  8. That's not bad...
  9. Jacks calls it the Mosquito out here. Gnat?
  10. Easy rider, like that 70's cult movie
  11. tcx deathstar
  12. Cammando
  13. Pebble Mine Killer

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