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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Wayne Kohan, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. Wayne Kohan

    Wayne Kohan fish-ician

    Just finished the 8 foot, 5/6 wt Steffen finally. Been working off and on for the past 3-4 months. Used cigar cork grip with downlocking Bellinger NS with rosewood insert, agate stripping guide, H&H chrome snake guides. Guidebrod chestnut wraps with Prowrap sunset trim band. Interesting to wrap on this blank, it still has the ridges in the top coat, so packing the wraps is done with more care, harder to write on too.


    2014-07-18 16.30.07.jpg 2014-07-18 16.29.40.jpg 2014-07-18 16.30.35.jpg 2014-07-18 16.29.40.jpg 2014-07-18 16.30.35.jpg
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  2. Alexander

    Alexander Fishon

    Very nice
  3. Mike Ediger

    Mike Ediger Active Member

    Nice Wayne. I just built the 8' 4/5wt and I am blown away by the versatility of the rod. You can blast out a streamer with it or a big Chernobyl or small PMD. First rod I have felt that excelled at all three.

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  4. Wayne Kohan

    Wayne Kohan fish-ician

    Mike, are using a 4 or 5 wt line with it? I haven't fished with mine yet, I did put on a 5 wt Rio Gold and had no trouble casting the whole head, but it felt a little light. Might try a 6 wt, but thinking the 5 is going to be perfect.

  5. Mike Ediger

    Mike Ediger Active Member

    Well, I like a 4wt (airflow elite trout) with it but Mark Steffen told me he prefers a 5wt. I am amazed how you can finesse or muscle it equally effectively.

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  6. jwg

    jwg Active Member

    Great color design with that blank.
    Very nice looking

  7. sagebass

    sagebass Member

    Steffen's 8'0" 5/6wt. is one of the best fly rod tapers ever.
  8. LCnSac

    LCnSac John or "LC"

    Beautiful work, Wayne. This is probably the blank I'll end up with and I'm pumped beyond words. Yours looks better than Mark's factory rod. Beautiful.
  9. Wayne Kohan

    Wayne Kohan fish-ician

    Used the rod today for the first time on the north fork Boise today. Nice action, used Rio Gold 5 wt line with a dry-dropper combo and was casting it a country mile. Sweet blank, highly recommend it.

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