New Camera NFR (Canon G9)

Discussion in 'Photography / Video' started by Daryle Holmstrom, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. Thinking about the Canon G9
  2. New Camera NFR

    I got one. It takes very nice pictures. Colors look vivid.

    It is made out of metal and feels heavy for its size in a good way.

    Good U.I.

    I would absolutely recommend it.

    I still need to buy the waterproof case for it and than I am all set for fishing with it. I just can't get myself to bring such an expensive gadget to the river without it being waterproof.
  3. New Camera NFR

    Are you talking about for fishing or for general photographic use?

    The G9's been getting some good reviews. While the camera's 12 megapixel rating by itself is no indicator of image quality, several other features of the G9 suggest it'd be a great choice: Canon lenses are famous for their sharpness, contrast and color saturation; built-in image stabilization reduces hand shake at lower shutter speeds; ability to shoot RAW image files is much preferred to the poor-quality JPEGs most other cameras produce; 6x optical zoom; and big 3" display LCD are all quite desirable. Best of all, at online prices of about $300, it's a hell of a deal. (Just make sure and order it from a reputable dealer like B&H Photo Video or Abe's of Maine instead of some of the sleezballs like Broadway Photo and others.)

    But if you intend to use it for fishing, I'd discourage spending that much on something that's eventually gonna get dunked, no matter how careful you are. For about $300, I'd advise a Pentax Optio W30 instead. It's not nearly the camera the G9 is, but it's waterproof construction makes it a far better choice in a fishing environment.

  4. New Camera NFR

    I bought the G9 because of this:

    It is a bit expensive and I haven't aquired the funds yet but eventually I will have one awesome setup that can work in all weather and deep under water while taking great pics.
  5. New Camera NFR

    No question that's an industrial-quality underwater housing.

    I looked at a similar housing for my old Canon Powershot S30 a few years back. But in reality it was simply too big to fit into a pants or shirt pocket and too heavy to keep hung around my neck all day long. That meant it'd have to go in a back vest pocket or in a fanny pack, making it less than handy when I had to put my rod down to take off my vest or unzip a fanny pack.

    By comparison, at no extra cost my Pentax Optio WP hangs on a small lanyard and is tucked into my shirt pocket so it's ready whenever a picture presents itself. I can retrieve it, turn it on and snap a picture with one hand. Here's a shot I took a week or so ago.


    It's also worth remembering that like guns, it's people, not cameras, that take pictures. Even having the best camera in the world is no guarantee that someone with a tin eye will take nothing but excellent pictures. The opposite is also true.

  6. New Camera NFR

    The g9 is a fine camera if you do not want to mess with the weight and expense of a digital SLR and lenses.

    I've had both a G2 and a G6 and they served me well.
  7. New Camera NFR

    I bought and soon after returned the G9. Feature wise it's exactly what I've been looking for in a semi serious point and shoot. Feature wise it's a pretty amazing camera.

    Unfortunately Canon decided that G series needed to be pixel plorific, but the 12MP resolution is beyond what it's sensor can stay up with. What that means is, anything outside of ISO 100 or 200 gets seriously grainy and the noise beyond ISO 400 absolutely ruins your photos. In daylight that's not going to be a problem but if the light is low you better have a second camera.

    The G2 & G6 were 7MP or less and even with the G9's new Digic III sensor reducing digital noise, the older versions were better in various light conditions.

    If you do decide to get a G9, what I've said aside, you will still be happy with it. You will just need to know it's limitations. If you do get it, pick up a Pelican 1020 micro case with a clear lid (the clear lid doesn't have the padding on top, but leaves enough room for the G9). Good waterproof box that doesn't take up a lot of space.

  8. New Camera NFR

    To be fair, this isn't a 'Canon' thing. The focus on megapixels by the public and manufacturers has created a bunch of stupidity.

    The fact remains that images from a tiny sensor (and the g9 still has a tiny sensor) will ALWAYS be far more grainy than anything from even the cheapest DSLR. I always tell people that a 4 year old DSLR will take better photos than any of the 12MP fixed lens cameras out today.

    I had double page spreads and cover shots published in national magazines with 3-6MP DSLR's. Megapixels are over rated, sensor size is under rated.
  9. Question for the experts here:
    Why are digitals (not the SLRs) so slow on the trigger? I've bought a couple now that tout their improved shutter speed but still find them lacking. Can you point to one that can come close to (or match) an SLR's speed?
    Hijack not intended but I trust some of you here know the answer and know I'm not the only one aggravated by this conundrum.
  10. One of the G9 features I really did like was that the macro performed brilliantly. The depth of field was really outstanding for close in shots. Reads... Takes excellent fly shots.

    Another oddity that fisherman should expect is that you cannot view the screen with polarized sunglasses on. Not a big deal, but given we're on the water most of the time, and usually with those glasses, you will suprised the first time you look and only see a black screen until removing them. Small price to pay for a great quality screen, which it is.
  11. That isn't a "digital" thing, it's a point and shoot thing. Film P&S cameras suffered from the same lag.

    Point and shoot cameras just do not have the processing power, lens motors, etc to move fast. That isn't what they are built for. Some are better than others, but if response time is the most important thing for you, you need an SLR.

    You should also learn to "pre-focus". Most cameras will allow you to press the shutter button halfway down and set the focus. Then you wait for your "moment". This will speed up response time.
  12. A very short story about the G9.

    A few weeks ago we were doing the final assembly of a set of contraptions that used three G9's, each connected to its own panel flash. The panel manufacturers assured us that their flash was fully compatible with the G9. All the power specs matched up.
    We got everything hooked up and ready to power up. I hit the power supply switch.

    Poof! A little puff of smoke came out of each camera. So much for compatibility..

    A quick call to B&H and we had three new G9's the next afternoon. Four days after that our photo kiosks were back in place at Madison Square Garden.

  13. Poof? Yikes!

    Who paid for the three new G9s? The client? Or the panel flash manufacturer?

  14. I don't think that has been resolved yet. Fingers are still being pointed back and forth.

    Maybe I should have said a wisp of smoke as opposed to a little puff but you get the idea. Three new, still shiny but completely dead G9's. Fortunately these relatively cheap Cannon's were well suited to the job. It could have been much worse, the panel flashes are far more expensive.

  15. So I get home from an afternoon of shopping, including the purchase of a Canon XSI 450D, and what do I see but a thread about someone getting a new camera. Beat me to the punch! Anyway, I have been wanting a DSLR for some time now, had a little extra cash so I finally took the plunge. I can't wait to get this baby out and start playing with it.

    Enjoy your new camera. Be sure to post lots of pics of the monster fish you are sure to photo with it.
  16. With Chris' observation will hold off for awhile, still looking for the perfect prosumer camera.

    The ones I use now do a great job, I'm trying to get away from the dslr group with a p&s, guess it won't happen any time soon, although they can do it.:rolleyes:

    Thanks everyone:)
  17. Love my G9. Great screen, solid feel.
  18. i have a G6 with extra lenses that i'd like to sell
    $250 for whole set up
  19. After doing a few months of research on it (I'm a little OCD like that), I decided to buy the G9, and picked it up today from Circuit City for $399 (after coupon)...

    It is $439 on their website. Don't pay the full store price.

    Anyways, from what I have gathered, it is a very good camera.

    It is very heavy, and the only disadvantage in my mind is how small it is. Its basically a two hand camera, but with some small modifications (usually a pistol grip) you can make it a one hand.

    I also like it because I SCUBA dive, and it has an inexpensive underwater housing from Ikelite.
  20. New Camera NFR

    Wasn't it Ansel Adams that said (paraphrasing) "The most important part of the camera is the 12" behind it.":ray1:

    We photographers used to debate such things as Fujichrome Velvia vs. Kodachrome 64, etc. Now a bunch of techno-geeks have managed to convince a gullible public that photography is no longer a subjective art - it's now a technical pursuit measured strictly and objectively by counting pixels.:beathead:

    I'll continue to be content taking photographs with my 6.1 MP DSLR, while others snap pictures with their 12 MP pocket cameras.

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