New coating on the boat (Wetlander)

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Evan Burck, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. So I was due for a new coat of something for the bottom of the drift boat. Never been a fan of Gluvit. All the cool kids seem to be in to Coat-it these days. But this new Wetlander stuff intrigued me. Seeing an opportunity to be the hipster that said "I tried it before it was cool," I jumped on board.

    First impressions: Stuff is slick. Like, they should consider marketing to the NHL as an ice replacement. I don't understand how something that isn't ice can be this slick.

    It also seems to be sturdy as hell. I can't seem to even put a scratch in it. And my "test run" on a small piece of metal came out as well as their marketing video. It didn't break or peel off under stress.

    Quite excited to give this stuff a run this season in some skinny water!

    Removing the Gluvit the hard way. The angle grinder was just roughing it up. Took some chiseling to get it off.
    Application time
  2. I had extra, so I ran it all the way up to the Gunwale. The paint was peeling off anyways.
  3. The stuff looks impressive, was it as easy to install as they say? I wanted to see the dog turn around and bite that dude. I would have.
  4. It was incredibly easy. Actually rolls on just about like a latex paint.
  5. Have heard good reviews about that stuff. Wonder if it would stick to the bottom of my raft? ;)
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  6. I actually went ahead and put my extra on my trailer. The contact points on my trailer are all steel, so I figured covering those to protect the new bottom would be wise.

    When I winched the boat up the roller, and it tilted on to the trailer, it literally slid to the front. I had to catch it and slide it in to place at the front. Previously, it had very noticeable resistance coming up the trailer on flat ground. This time, it's like it floated its way to the front on its own.
  7. I recently replaced the 2x8's on my raft trailer and have wanted to treat them with something , do you think this would work? was this the 3 part system? just curious.
  8. This would absolutely work. You can talk to Scott directly (the Wetlander guy) and make sure it's right for your application. He's pretty straightforward with where it works and where it doesn't. It's a 2 part mixture.

    Scott Hogan
    (518) 469-3612

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