New double hand handles

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Joe H, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Joe H

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    Wanted to give a quick heads up to two handed builders that may have yet to see and either; A) don't have the equipment needed to turn down or, B) prefer not to turn down their own grips.
    Picked up one of the new Batson slim line spey handles last week while in Sequim, which is super nice.
    Fore grips come in either 12" or 14" lengths, inletted to accept .895 concealed hood style seats, w/composite cork accent rings on either end.
    4.5" rear grip matches fore, w/composite accent ring on top end, and comfortable composite ball type butt cap.
    (Appears there are also some single hand models in the new lineup as well.)

    These new grips are much nicer than any pre-formed grips afforded spey rod builders thus far, obviously addressing function, ease of installation and end user comfort.

    (Not affilliated with Batson/Rainshadow/Forecast in any way, just passing the word on some cool new handles.)
  2. otisotis

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    Got a picture?How about a link?
    I`ve been using the switch kits for awhile
  3. otisotis

    otisotis Member

    You mean HK16? or HK17?
  4. Joe H

    Joe H New Member

    I do have the new product inserts from the 2012 catalog that Karry sent me at the end of June showing the new handle style(s), just not up to speed on internet pic posting...sorry.

    Not sure if they have these latest handles added to their site yet but item numbers are: HESFG12CSCC2-350 895 & HESFG14CSCC2-350 895 for the foregrips, and HESRG4SCC2-375 & HESBC20CC for rear grip and butt cap.
  5. otisotis

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    Utmost has it posted.Looks like the same "super"grade cork,which is just fine, they took the lump out od the fore grip [which I like,but could grind off if needed]How much?I`ve been payiong $43 for the whole thing [a bargain] including fore and aft,and a cheap real seat-which I don`t use...

    BTW,I casn tell you how to post links if you want for free...btw I`m a low cost certified computer tech
  6. Matthew LeBret

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    I may just have to give them a whirl on the next long rod. Looks good for being factory made!! I do find it funny that it pops up on utmost's site before Batson's. For being owned/operated by the same family it seams like they would have it marketed under Batson's main site first. Oh well it looks like its time for a new catalog anyways