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  1. I am in the market for a dutch oven.I am wanting to know from some of you cooking gods what to look for in a dutch oven?And what to look out for?
  2. Cast be a'ight. ;)
  3. Sorry was just called in for dinner as I started typing. What exactly do you plan on cooking and for how many? Will definitely help picking out an oven.
  4. I would be looking for a good all around oven.I would like to make some chili's and stews,the wife breads and crisp's.We only have 5 in the family so not really for more than that.
  5. I would recommend a 12" oven, cast iron, either Lodge or Camp Chef. I think they both offer a pre-seasoned version.

    A 12" oven equates pretty closely to a 9 X 13 baking pan which is called for in most recipes.
  6. Yup. What I was gonna say. I'll just add vet a 12 deep since you do want to do stews.
  7. The 12" is essential, but I also like the smaller cast iron pots for side dishes. They also make a good substitute for a stone bowl when you're making Koren food.
  8. Thanks guys!That is the kind of info i needed.
    Jerry,what process do you do to season your cast iron?
  9. I'm going to make a corned beef brisket with onions, carrots, and cabbage for a float on Saturday in the aluminum dutch oven I got from Jerry. Any hints from anyone who's cooked a brisket in their oven before? Thinking I'll cook it for the three hours to get it to safe temp the night before, then just reheat over heat on the river.

    Who's done this before?
  10. I made one for the Hohdown one year. Trick is making sure it doesn't get to hot or dry out.
  11. Derek I've done it. I suggest just doing in your oven. Let it naturally cool in fridge. Then transfer to a big ziplock. Safer transport and less room in your cooler. Then transfer to your dutch oven for streamside lunch.
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  12. Your dutch oven should be seasoned. I will put up a post on how to get a good seasoning.

  13. Thanks Jerry
  14. Ok, I just put up a seasoning method. It's not the only method, but it's the only one I use now. :)

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