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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Darryl Pahl, May 16, 2013.

  1. Maybe it's been up for a while, but I just stumbled on it - check out the new WDFW web site - the one with the new fish logo and improved look and feel:

    Lots of useful info, like fish species calendars, planing schedules, special gear rules, endorsements, and a useful link to Google satellite images/maps. It has direct links to the regs and emergency rules.

    One thing missing is exactly which passes are required to park at the various places (Discover Pass, etc.), although links are provided to the various agencies. I suspect that WDFW isn't even exactly sure all the time.

    I think it looks great.

    Looking up, for example, Green Lake, you get:

  2. Yeah I just checked it out. I didn't see anything for rivers and streams. Did you find anything on them???
  3. Well, that's another thing missing then. Seems to be just lakes, with an emphasis on stocked lakes (i.e., managed by the WDFW). I often find myself scratching my head when the regs say things like "closed from 100 yards upstream of such and such bridge". I can and do look this up in various maps, but if this is a marketing tool for the WDFW, then more info is likely better.

    I'm not expecting/wanting some sort of secret info, but if the body of water is mentioned in the regulations, perhaps it could show up here.
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  4. There is one guy in charge of updating the site. He specifically does the lakes in King county. I called him and he was happy to talk about fishing in the lakes. He said the regs are too confusing to fish the rivers. He was also open to changes if we found any of his stuff to be off.

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