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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Rob Allen, Mar 12, 2014.

  1. I have never been a trend setter, in fact i have always found trends to be quite disgusting. In particular I find disgusting the intentional revelry in base living.. first it was cheap beer HA yeah it's soooooo much cheaper than good beer :rolleyes: , then it was the trucker cap.... I am wearing it cause it's dorky that makes it cool yeah right.....:rolleyes:

    But now following that same line of thinking I present to you the fly fishing fad of 2014.. No longer do you need names like patagonia... or simms of cloud veil forget 500 dollar wading jackets..

    without further adieu I give you.......


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  2. I think even the dead chum would leave once they saw that!
  3. I've been wearing cutoff "jorts" wet wading in the summer the last couple of years. Turns shitty old jeans into a free pair of shorts, and it makes me feel like I'm 10 again. My adaptation of low-brow hipster style to fly fishing. Mountain hikes still involve the quick-dry nylon shorts, no need for permanent chafe damage.
  4. They are also popular with school crossing guards
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  5. Put a Patagonia sticker on it.


    Retro cool. Your welcome
  6. I had a bright blue one just like that. Wore it all over the place. It kept me dry just as long as I wore a sweat shirt under it. If I didn't it would be like it was raining under it. You could work up a sweat under it.
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  7. Only if you cut them so short that the pockets show.
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  8. here's a matching hat...

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  9. Oh my! Your styling now! :D
  10. When it's raining Jellyfish [ Purse Seining ] you can't find a better hat! Out of your eyes and the back of your neck. Only real men wore that style of Helly Hansen, none of that wimpy rain coat with a built in hood.... I always wore the hood!
  11. Laugh all you want about the Sou'wester. I learned to love them (Purse Seining) and still keep one handy, 40 years later.
    We'd usually reverse the hat AND wear the hood, especially when the jellies were flying.
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  12. I wore one of those the first few years I fish in South East, you haven't seen jellies till you've been there.
  13. when i'm flyfishing in a jellyfish storm i'll make sure to wear one.
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  14. The price would triple.....

    then Costco would start selling them at half the price...
  15. Skiffman - the cure all office job, off the back deck, out from under the power block anti-dote to the falling jelly in the face issue.
    I still wore one of those hats though. Rumor has it that it rains in Southeast...
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  16. You guys should look into those full body condoms from Naked Gun, that is the only way to stay dry.
  17. Plenty of room for my bobbers in those things.
  18. I've seen surf fishers in San Francisco wearing these on the beach. They weren't wearing anything BUT these, unfortunately. I didn't stick around to see what they were fishing for (I think they may have been trolling) and I darned sure didn't go see what kind of rod they were using.
  19. Back by popular demand... and particularly chic with skinny jeans.
    or... if you want to stay old school

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