New Fly Fishing Store In Gig Harbor

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Lahar, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. I heard that a fly fishing store is opening in Gig Harbor soon. It will be by Spiro's downtown. I for one will be patronizing this store instead of going over the bridge to points north to get my gear and supplies. Lets hope there are more out there like me on the west side of the bridge that want to support a local business...
  2. I'll be there
  3. Now why in the hell did they put it in downtown? Bastards. They need to pull it up to the Point Fosdick Shopping area. How the hell am I supposed to get an "in" with them if they are downtown? Sheesh.
  4. Who What When And How Soon.
  5. Website or any info besides it's general location?
  6. Geez, leaving out the good information! How are we suppose to read between the lines on this one???
  7. nice work flybill. Now I have somewhere to go to blow time when the tide is wrong!
  8. Blake is a real nice fellow and I'm sure he'll do well. With no fly shops south of Kent that pay attention to salt water anglers I'm sure there's a market to be served.
  9. They have a very large selection of fly fishing items in their on-line catalogue. Hope that the store will carry a lot of the items so it will be possible get an up close look at their fly tying materials.

  10. Be sure to blow more than your time there or they won't be around long.
  11. Well, that news made my morning. Thank you. My tying desk just got more crowded.
  12. It would be cool to meet other fly fishermen around here. I do run into a few people when I am out on the boat.
  13. i just marked my calender for march first
  14. Trust me Ill be spending lots of money and time. I tend to spend alot of money and time in any fly shop I go into. Last time I was in a fly shop I dropped about $500. Been a while though. That was 3 months ago.
  15. OK guys - so for those of you who really want to succeed you need to vote with your dollars. $500 in retail sales (not counting discounts which erode margin) will keep the doors open for about one day - that is pay rent wages, taxes, etc.
  16. but tom isn't going to be the only one in there spending money, but he might win an award for first one in the store:D
  17. So I got an addiction. Isnt that why we are all on here???? Just a way to pass time thinking about our addiction?
  18. Sweeet! I'm there.

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