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Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Stephen Rice, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. Stephen Rice Senior Member

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    I am sure this has probably been mentioned before and I know this is a Fly fishing forum. But it would be nice to have a little section for Hunting along with it's own Gallery.What do you think?
  2. seanengman Trout have no politics

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    I think it would be nice to have a nice Washington hunting forum, but I think It should be its own site. I would defenitely join if someone were to start it up.
  3. salt dog card shark

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    Great idea Stephen.

    From my perspective, there is a lot of overlap; just different ways of accessing the same thing. Putting it under one roof so to speak is just a matter of convenience.

    I know I would like to see ideas from others about cleaning/preserving fur and feathers from game for fly tying, game preparation and cooking, hunting issues, as well as just find out who gets-off on a cast and blast type of adventure.

    Maybe arrange swaps when you get more feathers or fur of one kind than you can reasonably use to exchange with others for a larger variety. Mostly I bird hunt and end up throwing away whatever I know I won't be able to use, and it always seems an unfortunate waste. I would bet there are a fair number of fly fishers on this forum that enjoy walking the fields with good companions and a good bird dog.
  4. seanengman Trout have no politics

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    Wow Salt Dog, I didn't think of it like that. Maybe this is the place for a cast and blast forum.
  5. Brent Comer Member

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    That sounds like an interesting forum to me. iagree
  6. salt dog card shark

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    A buddy and I had considered getting a group together this fall, drawing lots to see who would fish for a clipped steelhead, and who would chase grouse, quail or pheasants, meet back at the cabin that afternoon and each team prepare their favorite recipe for a wild game surf and turf feast. Maybe someone could bring some Elk or Deer steaks. Maybe do it Monthly when something is in season during the Fall.

    Unfortunately that idea got tabled for the year when we didn't have a steelhead opener on the Methow. Anyway, that's the kind of the ideas you can explore when you get some like minded folks together.

    I'm much more experienced at fishing than hunting, so it would be nice to be able to access hunting knowledge the way I have been able to do on this forum for fishing.
  7. Matt Burke Active Member

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    That would be a great idea. Give me a reason to clean and oil up the guns. It would be cool to share skins, etc.
  8. Chris Scoones Administrator

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    Done, but please use it or it'll be removed.

    Nice timing, considering I'm shopping around for bows right now. My buddies Mathews is pretty incredible but boy oh boy are they proud ($) of their bows!
  9. seanengman Trout have no politics

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    Thanks Chris
  10. tythetier Fish Slayer

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    Very Cool!! Great Idea Steve O!
    Dont Know If I Will Ever Get Anything Posted Up, But My Day Might Come. I Have Not Been Hunting In Several Years, I Need To Go Out And Get My Education Card And Then Maybe A License.

    I Dunno If It Is Worth It Though. Is Getting Out As Easy As It Used To Be Again?? I Was Looking Into It A Couple Years Ago, But Certain Areas Were Only Open Certain Times And Only Then If It Was A Full Moon. I Just Want To Hit The Hills And Do Some Bush Wackin' And Shoot A Bambi.

  11. Brent Comer Member

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    Westside deer opens tomorrow! (Modern Firearm)

    I've never bow hunted. Only modern firearm. Bow hunting looks interesting.
  12. spanishfly Steelberg

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    Sweet idear for the Forum!

    Chris, I bought a Mattews FX2 this year and it's Fast! Plus it didn't break the bank. I bought it at a bow shop in Puyallup if your seriously thinking about getting one hit me up I can save you some coin. Think I paid 5 1/2 hundo for my entire set up. Sites, quiver, bow, limb savers, whisker biscuit etc. Plus this year the regs changed so you can shoot 80% let off :)


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  13. mike doughty Honorary Member

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    anybody ever use reflex bows? i almost bought one the other day but am looking at them for next season.
  14. spanishfly Steelberg

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    Never shot one Mike but they look like nice bows. Probably a good idea to wait til off season might get a smokin deal.
  15. mike doughty Honorary Member

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    cabelas has them on sale right now
  16. alpinetrout Banned or Parked

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    Last night I pulled a couple of my shotguns out of their cases just to remember what they looked like and remind myself that I need to use them more. Now this forum pops up. Coincidence?
  17. David Holmes Formerly known as "capmblade"

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    I hope you all practice "wing and release" or you're going to get a lot of grief on this board.
  18. Smalma Active Member

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    A timely forum!!

    It will be fun to see how many of us hunt and trading stories back and forth. A day in the field chasing birds behind a good dog with double shotgun just seems to a natural extension to my fly fishing.

    With retirement and a new dog (a 2 year old yellow lab - named Sauk) I have been hunting more the last 2 falls than anytime in my life. Chasing birds mostly pheasants and waterfowl. Last year was a great year for a young dog in Eastern Washington with lots of wild birds. This year has been a lot tougher. For the first time ever have been hunting a local release area and the young dog has been refining her skills in tracking, marking and retrieving.

    With the weather this fall having hunting to fall back on sure has helped with the cabin fever.

    Capmbade -
    Not to worry with my shooting skills I do a lot more releasing/missing than harvesting - my contribution to conservation.

    Tight lines
  19. Itchy Dog Some call me Kirk Werner

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    Great Forum- thanks for accommodating us!

    Hunting and fishing have their similarities which is why you find so many folks who do both. I think bow hunting is real similar to fly-fishing. It's sort of a holistic approach to the pursuit of game and fish; more of an art than a science. Neither are the most highly-evolved way to harvest one's quarry, but it's not about the harvest- it's about the pursuit. To take it even farther, archery hunting with a recurve and wooden arrows/feather vanes is sort of like fishing with a bamboo rod and antique dragless reel- back to the basics stuff. Having said that, there are valid reasons for modern compound bows and graphite rods! I bow hunted for a few years without so much as nocking and arrow. I love the subtleties of concealment, scent control, close range stalking, etc. But the only deer I've harvested was with a modern rifle. I'm actually considering taking up muzzleloading because it still requires relativly close range stalking/shooting and all the tactics of bow hunting, without the disadvantage of having to be within 40 yards of the game. I like it all, actually, and that includes waterfowl and upland hunting, but fly fishing has proven itself to be my favorite outdoor activity recently. It's a good thing it's about the experience and not the catch rate!
    I'll be in Moses Lake for Thanksgiving and will be spending Friday searching for pheasants.
  20. ceviche Active Member

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    iagree Though I don't hunt with gun or bow, I do so with the rod for trout quarry. Brilliant move to establish the C&B forum! Beyond sharing stories, it establishes a place to share the knowledge surrounding the hunting and the harvesting of game. Already people are talking about producing fly tying materials. This forum is a natural for WFF. Cool!