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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Panhandle, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. Good stuff, Pan.

    But if I add all these specialty tools to an already stuffed vest, I'll need to budget for a ghille to help carry it all.

    In all seriousness though, I can see them being as or even more effective than the current state of the art heads/tips/M_W tips in certain circumstances.

    On your home waters late in winter when fish hold hard to the bottom and move only reluctantly due to low water temperature, they could make the difference.

    Just for the sake of discussion, which one would you be tossing at the gut of the Casino run?

  2. I hate the casino run. It is one of the runs everyone catches fish out of but me. The other is the gravel pit. I just quit fishing them altogether.
  3. On his home water in late Winter if he's so inclined he can use the floater if he knows where to fish. The water temp at Peck has been around 39 degrees for weeks. It will be warmer in the Casino run.

    For whoever is selling these new Guideline heads I hope they sell better then Rio's multi density scandi heads which didn't sell that great at all.
  4. I too, have a mental block on the gravel pit
  5. Yeah that gravel pile is to hard for you northern boys. You and Adam should stay down in the "stink hole".
  7. Gravel Pit is easy peasy! Just huck it out there and hang on
  8. Swings too fast for my liking. I like the bottom of it when it moves inside and peters out. Actually I like it a lot more at early season high water levels, but there aren't many fish that high. I should mention my favorite run on the entire river is only a 200 feet away and no one fishes it, which is why I don't really care :)
  9. 39* is cold?? These big Rainbows dont seem to notice..

    3D have been available quite awhile if you don't have a scissors phobia :)
  10. Loose lips sink ships...and yes that run gets fished...

  11. No secrets on that river.......or are there?????
  12. William, I'm not talking about what you think I'm talking about. More like a couple thousand feet. Right, no secrets, that is unless you stalk William's rig.
  13. Oh I think we are....unless you are really being cryptic. Nope no secrets.
  14. That's impossible, because its a secret and I'm the only one who knows about it.
  15. Stalking William is easy. Just listen to the rumble, listen to the roar.
  16. ahahah pan, i know where you're talking bout...
  17. Poppy, Pan..anyone....

    I had an older guideline intermediate head...loved it but could only fish small flies and it was a long lift to get it out of the water and most of the time you had to lift, cast downstream and then lift and cast...

    I have seen the new skagit comp. didn't really look at the scandi ones...and the one pan shows it pretty interesting as well...but not sure of guidelines weights as that seems damn light for each rod recommendation...even going with the 30gr less I normally use...

    So is the intermediate head supposed to that light? Is ANYONE fishing any of these heads???

    I was considering digging around for my old one as nothing swung so nice in the cold of winter waters as that line...

  18. The Guideline heads are a simple adjust to personal prefs.. Google up their site, click on Power Tapers in left hand collum. Scroll down towards bottom watching for the 'Calculator' which can be set for standard measurments. Play with it a couple minutes and all will be clear. Basically if you need or desire a shorter heavier head you just start with a heavier line class and trim from the rear to the target weight. There is no rear taper to worry about on the cut to length / weight or RTG. Just strip a little coating and tie a loop in core.. loop head on run line.. go cast - fish.

    The heads Pan linked in this thread have been available a couple years. TripleD = Triple Density. RTG is 'Ready To Go' which is same head only factory looped. The earlier RTG were in older dual density format.. now they have been updated to TripleD.

    Factory loops are overated, they limit your length & weight options. I've yet to install a fancy finished loop in the tail on any of mine, always good intentions but never seems to happen. Many fish watch it go by slack jawed disbelief of my slacker rigging.
  19. I may have attached the wrong link. The new line is the RTG compact. A compact scandi line of sorts.

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