New hopper for next summer

Discussion in 'Fly Tying' started by Pat Lat, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. My newest tweaks on my favorite hopper pattern. IMG_4740.JPG IMG_4750.JPG
  2. Nice ties.
  3. Good grief, man! It's a good think you don't normally lose a hopper pattern. Those look like they take a gawdawful number of steps to tie :)

    The photo is kind'a fuzzy on my screen. Please send examples so I can take a closer look :p
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  4. Awesome ! Looks like it will be a great go to at Hopper time.
    Kelly Michelsen
  5. Those look mighty tasty, especially the yellow and the red I like it!
  6. Those are some nice looking hoppers, thanks for posting.
  7. Double post.
  8. I'm in awe. I've done some hoppers but mine look crude in comparison.
  9. Very nice ties!
  10. How bout the recipe?
  11. They look more complicated than they really are.

    I make the extended body on a pin with deer or elk hair, I usually make five or more at a time.

    The legs are grizzly saddle scraps, cut the fibers short on part of it then run them through a puddle of 5 min epoxy, scrape the excess off with a toothpick. I make these in advance too. once they set up you just pinch the bends in them, you can use a small drop of superglue to lock the joints in place.

    under wing is multi colors of antron, green and amber is what I used here
    over wing is peacock quill, or turkey tail will work fine

    then you do a typical bullet head, except I take a strip of dark brown foam about 3-4 mm wide, and tie it in at the center of the strip, then double it back and trimm the excess. Essentially you want to make a dumbell shape for the eyes.

    Add a little extra deer hair in the same color of the body around the collar before you pull back the bullet head, and add an indicator if you want one.
    Repeat untill you have a plagues worth, cause I'm sure the fish will love em.
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