FS NEW in box Redington Sonic Zipper front Medium King waders $270

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by ten80, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. ten80

    ten80 Active Member

    I have a pair of Redington Sonic zipper front waders in Medium King arriving tomorrow... one day to late for my weekend fishing trip. I got them at a great price during a labor day sale ($280) and would like to see if anyone is interested in them before I lose $10 shipping them back. I will even include the invoice so you can warranty them without hassle. I'm 5'9", 175lbs and the medium king size fits with some room to spare, enough for warm winter layers (of fat or clothing). I think these would fit tall and skinny folks up to 5'11" and shorter, rounder guys up to 200 lbs.

    Pick up in Mill Creek or meet in Edmonds, WA during working hours. I'm out of town fishing Friday through Sunday.
  2. Greg Armstrong

    Greg Armstrong Active Member

    I don't know "ten80", but I will say these are great waders.
    I've been wearing mine for the last 2 seasons and they've been great. This is a good deal for someone.
  3. Metalonthefly

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  4. ten80

    ten80 Active Member

    I still do and sorry for the late reply, I was on a fishing trip this weekend. PM me if still interested and we can work it out!
  5. ten80

    ten80 Active Member

    Returning these on Friday unless there is a taker. Don't think you'll find them for less in new condition with warranty card and receipt anywhere else.

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