New made-in USA Orvis CFO reel and glass rods

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  2. I will have at least the 4wt Superfine Glass on the boat for client use this year - Glass is not dead!
  3. Oddly (well, not so oddly when you understand the manufacturing/ projection process), new products like these go to dealers (they were pre-ordered months ago), then to online/mail-order, then lastly to company stores. We will have them soon. The only thing I can offer now is free shipping from the store.

  4. Also, the line of copy on the CFO link that states ". . . now made in the USA for the first time . . ." means that they were never made in the USA! They were made in England by Hardy for Orvis and also, they were designed for Charles Orvis by his friend, Stan Bogdan. Now that's cool. I have a cherished CFO IV that I use for my 7wt switch. It's perfect, well not a Perfect but perfect!

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  5. CFO was also made by British Fly Reel and later both Hardy and BFR. Tempted by that new CFO.
  6. btw, the new CFO is made by Abel.
  7. Assuming Abel is applying their usual standards of fit and finish to the new CFO's this could be a truly great new CFO.

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  8. Good news, love my old CFO's and look forward to trying the new glass, I'll bet they're sweet !!!
  9. I see Cabela's now has a rod and a reel they advertised as being made in the USA. Allen has a rod made in the USA too. I like the trend. Good for Orvis. I always have enjoyed Orvis's products regardless US made or Overseas. I have had only one problem and that was with waders and it was taken care of professionally by the store worker that day I returned them. I still wear some 10 year old clearwater or Silver Label (?) waders that I have thrashed but still going strong! Reels/rods/lines/flies/gadgets...all have worked as expected. Once again I like this trend!
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  10. Good on you. Look for the Orvis Silver Sonic Waders - they are really really good. The welded seam technology is an Orvis development and trademark and the Redington Sonic Seams are sold under license to Orvis.

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  11. Not to thread-jack, but I agree with Leland. The Silver Sonic waders are a great wader. I do not think they are quite up to true winter fishing, but they are very durable.
  12. With ad copy like this who can resist.

    The current pours against your legs as your heart pounds inside your chest. With each step, you're vaguely aware of what's happening, but it's quickly becoming an adrenaline-fueled blur of thrashing fins and vicious head shakes, set to the rhythm of the river. The fish on the end of your line doesn’t need any help to maneuver these waters. But you do.
    In that moment, don't hope you'll stay dry. Be sure that you will. Fish with flood insurance. Fish with Silver Sonic waders.

    If these waders magically turned into people, they would have thick Viking beards, smell like freshly chopped lumber, and carry you around everywhere you wanted to go.

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  13. lordy
  14. I will open a new sonic wader thread.

  15. Fixed it for you.;)

    I fished the glass rods with Tom Rosenbauer at Falcon's Ledge (Utah) this summer. It is a fantastic rod -- just a bit faster action than Redington's Butterstic with a lot more backbone/fighting strength in the lower section. It is a near-perfect stream/small river dry fly rod for me. (Glass kicks ass here! I like the SF Glass a bit better than the Redington Butterstick and the softer Orvis Superfine Touch, and much better than the Sage Circa).

    I've currently got the 4-wt in my quiver, matched with the new CFO reel, and it has been a dream on rivers from the Touchet to the Middle Fork Clearwater, as well as the Yakima, Fall, Metolius, and Provo.
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  16. Make sure you get that new Orvis Encounter Rod/Reel budget kit out there too. I'm impressed with its performance for its price ($159 for rod/reel/backing/line). I'd love to hear some more feedback from you and your colleagues on it.
  17. Dan, I think the Encounter kit is going to be great for new anglers, and when I've used it after the last time we fished, a solid rod and reel at a great price. A rod on the boat to match most everyone's style, budget, and casting ability.
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  18. It seems this has turned from the CFO thread to the Orvis thread, I have an Encounter IV on my bought used 8# Power Matrix. Both my steelies have been landed on Orvis products, however the first was a Battenkill Mid-Arbor IV reel and the second one was that reel and my Power Matrix.
    Have yet to land one on my actual reel (the Battenkill is my dads) however it is a great reel for the price!

  19. Leland,
    Do you guys have any Superfine Glass rods yet? I'm flying back to east coast for several weeks and wanted to grab a new 3-wt before I left...I really want to try out the glass one.

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  20. Jeff, a 3wt in transit. We should have it next week sometime. When do you leave?


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