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  1. Well.... I look at yours also.
  2. I think the "trolls" should be managed some way. The percentage of new members to spammers in that one review was 87.5% future spammers and 12.5% potential contributing members.

    Does one think that should be ignored??

  3. Get a rope.
  4. He's a troll alright. "Who's that walking on my bridge!"

  5. Spammers are one thing. I think you'd have a hard time coming up with a clear definition of a troll and a way to manage them away. There are some members of this site who I would consider trolls just because of the inane shit they post, but they are members with 100s or 1000s of posts. It's a fine line between nuisance and troll.
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  6. I've seen very few (wolves) trolls post here. Spammers, yes (wolves), but not so much in the (wolves) way of trolls. Normally, (wolves) trolls make posts to (wolves) to stir the pot with no (wolves) motive other than to cause problems and disruption (wolves).

    Spammers are (wolves) are just trying to sell a product or service(wolves) which means they are basically just an annoying commercial (wolves).

    ( :D )
  7. Find anything interesting. I don't tell to much about myself.

  8. Well.... your handwriting is shaky and you have a leaky bladder.
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  9. I still think there should be a number of post's before you can sell or buy in the classified section. I have seen to many real good deals just stolen by people with 1 post (to buy the item) or just to sell on the website and not contribute. There are tons of people making a living off finding internet sales - buying and reselling and I don't think that is right to the members that contribute to the site.

    A few other sites have a number of posts you have to have before you can use the classifieds on there website. 25 posts would not be asking to much I would think! It would not apply to sponsors or coarse.

    As far as trolls and smart-ass posters we have plenty already, they just need some respect beat into them is all but when you don't have to face anybody who cares! It would be nice if everyone posted like we were face to face but that is just a pipe dream!
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  10. Mark, I like the idea of regulating the classifieds differently. If you look now, their are some sellers on there who have never contributed to any other area of the sight and when regular members post in the classifieds at times end up with their posts off the front page within a day. I'd say that the 25 post idea would not work, I like the 50 "Like" idea better, that way their posts can't all be in the One Word thread.
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  11. I like the "like" idea too.
  12. Well im screwed then I just hit the 25 "like" mark yesterday when I posted about beer. :(
  13. 26.

    Just doin my part to support the wff economy

  14. I know what I'm using next week on the peninsula
  15. Thanks I appreciate the support
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