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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Chris Stokesbary, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. Thank you to all the posts and replies on pontoon boat question threads in the past...searching through them were a huge help in my researching this subject to death.

    Bought a Buck's Bags Southfork this I just have to find some appropriate beginner water to figure out what the hell I'm doing.

  2. spanishfly

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    Make sure you break her in on the still water before you venture out to the rapids.
  3. Yes...still water on Saturday morning is my first plan, but I'm not sure that I'll have the opportunity for anthing else before heading to the Cowlitz the following Friday, so I've got to find something down there appropriate.
  4. David Holmes

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    I bet you are stoked, stokes.

    Double-check that you put the boat together right. You don't want it coming apart in deep water. There's probably a million tips that people can give you, but one thing I've found is that you might want to bring your pump with you. I've seen people's pontoons deflate for whatever reason halfway down the river and its nice to be able to pump back up.

    Also, a million bungee cords, too.
  5. Bungees and pump, check. I'm already well stocked with bungees and dry bags.

    For anyone that has a southfork, have you modded out the rear platform to replace with plywood and u-bolts? Seems pretty straightforward, but if someone has already done so or has a picture, I'd love to hear what you learned along the way.
  6. Chromer

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    Always strap on an extra oar. You lose one, the dynamics change quickly. :ray1:

    YAKIMA AKA: Gregory Mine

    One of those things you sometimes hate to have with you, yet love it when you need it.... PFD

    If you have space. I found a great little bit of security is to make yourself a small first aid kit. Band aids, and the like. Something like one of those multi purpose tools, like a leatherman is handy to have as well.

    I always kind of laughed at this, but my girlfriend wears contacts, and put a bottle of eyedrops in it for herself. It wasn't until I mashed a bug in my eye and it started hurting like crazy did I thank her over and over after that washed out all the bug guts from my eye. Being alone, with blurred painful vision is no way to fish.

  8. willieboat

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    Are you floating from Barrier Dam or from Blue Creek? Reason I ask is there are a couple of "different" not :thumb: real bad, just different spots below Barrier Dam. So, other than the fast water across from Blue Creek, it's an easier float.
    Either way, wear your PFD when you are moving in your boat.

  9. Jerry Daschofsky

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    Congrats on the new boat.

    I'd highly agree on the have a PFD handy. That's a definite. Next, if you plan on having an anchor on at all (even if you don't plan to use it, but have it setup) carry a sharp knife with you that is ACCESSIBLE! Never know when it may drop and catch. If you can, have a small pump and a repair kit. Not sure of the name of it (I have samples that I still have in use with no name) that will seal a hole, even underwater. Can't remember the name of it, will see if I can find that out for you. Good stuff to have on hand "just in case".
  10. Tony Mull

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    been thinking about redoing the rear deck out of 1" PVC, just to save some weight over plywood, i'm not too happy with the fabric deck, but it is light.

    what do you guys strap your pontoons on top of the car with? I have been using bungies for short trips but i let some air out and put in the truck bed for freeway speeds. i see people with them on top though. what is safe to use?
  11. All good tips...thanks guys. Wouldn't think of hitting it without the PFD, and the knife is the eleventh finger. Extra oar I hadn't considered, I'll have to track one of those down.
  12. Jason

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    As for what to strap it on the roof with. I use Tie Down straps two with ratchets and two without.

    I have had two pontoons tied up top with no problem on the 2 hour trip to Pass Lake. I tied the bottom one down with two straps and two bungies, and then the top one with the ratchet tie downs.

    Here is the First Aid Kit that I carry with me as well.
    First Aid Kit
  13. Old Man

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    I use two large bungie cords over the blown up boat and two on the front to hold it all on the rack I have on my car. Driven at freeway speeds. It doesn't move at all.

  14. Rob Bodkin

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    When I used to run the Southfork on top of the rack I'd just use a couple light tie down straps or heavy bungee. There are plenty of secure places on the frame to run the strap through.

    This year I finally broke down and bought a little trailer I'd had my eye on for a while. It's made by Snow Bear, in Canada, and is like 4 x 6 or 4 X 8. My Southfork fits perfectly inside it and my buddies boat rides on that, secure and strapped to the frame of the trailer.

    The boat stays inflated all the time and ready to roll. No breaking it down and assembly at the put in.

    It's also a good little utility trailer for firewood or the dump. And it was less than $600 out the door. I got it at Costco in Southcenter, they are the local rep for them. Highly recommend it for the little boats.

  15. Greg Miller

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    Stokes - do you have a rod holder yet? If not, as soon as you get a chance - I would reccomend spending the $20. It is a whole lot easier maneuvering with your rod in a holder than resting on leg and fin.

    Good luck!
  16. Rod holder I have...fits on my float tube, fits on a dry bag during canoe trips, and now fits on the pontoon!