New Pro Bass Shop in south Tacoma but support Puget Sound Fly Co.

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Roger Stephens, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. In the near future Pro Bass Shop will be opening a new store in south Tacoma at the closed Lowe's location. See the article in todays Tacoma News Tribune and Olympian newspapers. Puget Sound Fly Co. is a classy/quality operation and will probably feel the "pinch". Some of Anil's thoughts are in the news article. We need to step up now to give Anil our business. It would be a sad day if Anil's shop would have the same fate as the Morning Hatch which was another classy/quality shop.

  2. I doubt anyone that has shopped in the past with Anil is going to head over to bass pro shops to buy fly fishing stuff, I have been in many bass pro's during my travels around the country and the fly shop is normally a tiny corner(closet) of the store that doesn't even carry the high dollar fly fishing stuff that is available on the website, just the "bass pro" branded stuff.

    What I would be curious about though is how much that place is going to impact the smaller outdoor stores in gear fishing and hunting stuff, along with the hurting it will put on cabelas since it will be closer to Seattle.
  3. Kcahill is right on. I have been in a bunch of Bass Pros and their fly shop isn't. But, a lot of casual fly fishermen or people new to the sport will probably not realize that. Our support of Anil is more necessary now than ever. First, he is a great guy and a true friend. And, I will always remember the whole left when Gary closed the Hatch.
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  4. Puget Sound Fly Co! It's a no brainer.

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  5. What I hate is when someone goes to a fly shop like Anil's Puget Sound Fly, or up to Avid Angler, or Orvis, tries out the gear, takes up the staffs' time and then either goes to Cabela's, Bass Proshop, or the internet to make the buy. And a number of folks do just that, I've got more choice words for the practice but I'll not share them.
  6. Lots of folks both fly and gear fish. You'll never receive the type of service at BPS you'll receive from Anil's staff at PSFC when it comes to fly gear.
    I look at BPS as just another option when I might need gear fix. It won't replace my local gear connections either like OE, Sportco or Ted's.
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  7. I drive 30 miles to Anil's shop just for the service.
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  8. Anil and his staff are some of the best folks around. They're friendly, service oriented and extremely knowledgeable. I'd drive an extra hour to get there without a second thought.
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  9. 20 years ago PNW sportsmen would have laughed at a shop with a name like Bass Pro Shop. Bass were just not on the radar for locals around that time, or at least the locals I knew on the Peninsula. You would/will not find a Point Wilson Dart or a local fly pattern on their shelf and I suspect there are too few locals looking for gear to fish warmwater species in Western Washington even today.

    Will this shop even last 5 years?
  10. Like Cabelas they are not just the company they started as. They are well rounded on what they sell. There will always be a niche for a specialized shop as long as they provide a quality service.
  11. It's known as "showrooming". At least that is what it is called in professional circles and in mixed company.
  12. I suppose, but still....

    They did have slip indicators in the catalog I just recycled.
  13. So do your local shops and they'll tell you how to use them to advantage. I don't know what all BP offers, but Cabelas started out with mail order flies. According to today's paper, Cabelas' profits are due almost entirely to guns and ammo. Another 180,000 sq. ft. of stuff I don't need.
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  14. Anil and his crew rocks.

    He goes out of his way to hook me up with the proper gear. He also takes care of me after the sale if I experience warranty issues.

    I am a loyal customer and will continue to purchase from him. Corporate stores can't offer the same local service. Bass Pro is cool, but it is not a local FLY FISHING specialty.

    Please support Puget Sound Fly Fishers. It is a gem.
  15. Hmmmn let me see.... I live in Camano Island and I drive 108 miles one way to Anil's shop to get my stuff. I was stationed in Virginia and especially Florida surrounded by fly shops, and I still order my fly gear from Anil.
    Bass Pro a few miles from Anil, Don't think I'll even be tempted....
  16. Love Puget Sound Fly Co.! Anil is a valued member of our community.

    As long as premium flyfishing manufacturer's sell to the big box stores, the fly shops will suffer.
  17. I bought stuff from Cabela's back when it meant a paper catalog and sending my order through the U.S. mail, so I still get some stuff at their Lacey store. But as a western WA native, I don't think I'd want to be seen in a place named "Bass Pro."

    As for Puget Sound Fly Co., they got good stuff!
  18. Thanks for all the kind words, and your support over the years. Have you guys been talking to my Mom?;)
    In all seriousness, the biggest challenge that a shop like ours faces is getting people in the door for the first time. All specialty shops continue to pay for the misdeeds of some. There are shops still today (and definitely in the past) who couldn’t be bothered to be friendly and helpful to everyone who came in the door regardless of bank account, age or experience. Bad customer service sticks with people for years and they are often reluctant to give any other fly shops a try or warn others about how elitist, overpriced and condescending pro shops are.
    I am extremely proud of our customer service record and our rate of repeat business. If any of you happen to head down in the future to check out our new neighbors, please take the time to come in and say hi.
    Anil Srivastava
    Owner, Puget Sound Fly Co.
  19. My feeling is this: PSFC has nothing to fear from Bass Pro. In fact, just the opposite. No one who has ever shopped at Anil's store is going to be 'lured' away by something a big box store offers.....(sorry about the bait fishing pun...) And... who knows? Maybe an 'anchor' store like Bass Pro will bring folks into the area who will want to take advantage of being able to buy their propane and cast iron at the discount giant, then run by the 'real' fly shop for their premium gear, great advice and amazing service. I think it's going to be good for Puget Sound.

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