New Redington Rods - the Link series has promise!

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dan Nelson, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. I think I mentioned this in in a different thread, but thought I'd bring it up again as a stand-alone post since I've previously noted news about new rods from Orvis, Sage and other brands.

    This fall, Redington is bringing out a couple new rod series, and I've had a chance to use one: The Link. This fast-action rod series has great performance at a price-point well below the Sage One and the Orvis H2 (both of which I love).

    The Link is going to be a hot rod, I think, for those that want fast action and great accuracy for less than $400. I've used the 5 wt and 8 wt rods (9-foot single handers) and loved both. The H2 and One both feel a little more accurate and precise to me, but the Link runs close, at half the price of the other two.

    I hope to do extensive testing in the next month or two -- and I will try to get the rod into some of your hands if you want to meet me on the Yakima (I should also have an Orvis H2 to cast along side, and my own Sage One). In the mean time, read the corporate news here:
  2. I cast the Link in the 5wt and the 8wt and I think it has the CPX (the rod it replaced) beat in every way. I like the cosmetics and it is way smoother. I had the 8wt lined up with a bonefish line and man It would shoot line like crazy.
    I agree Dan I think that Redington has a winner.
    I have some of the two handers ordered, called the Prospector, I can't wait to cast those also.
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  3. Worth noting, too, that the Redington Rise reel will be offered in a blue finish to match the trim on the Link, making an incredibly FINE looking outfit with great performance (fyi: I have a Redington Rise reel mounted on my 5-wt ONE and on Donna's 5-wt Z-Axis. The Rise is my favorite trout reel these days).
  4. Dan,
    Thanks for the info. If this is going to replace the CPX, that's a good thing. The CPX was a real letdown after fishing the CPS.
    I've spoken to a few fly shop staff who are pretty excited about the new rod series.
  5. Redington had a real winner with the CPS but they sure have layed some eggs since, including the CPX. I broke a ferrule on my CPS, sent it in, and it was replaced with a CPX. It was quite possibly one of the worst rods I have ever casted. I got rid of it as have many other people. Hopefully their new rod will be an improvement but then I have a broken broom handle in the garage that would have been an improvement.
  6. The Torrent and Voyant are sweet casting sticks... I've not cast any of the newer Link series but I can really vouch for the Torrent. It's fast, but not in a broom-sticky manner. Think fast, but responsive and really accurate for the money.
  7. I stopped by my local shop tonight to play around with their 8 wts and walked out with a Link 890. I threw a BVK, a Sage Response, and the Link, and to me the Link was MILES above the others both for cosmetics, and castability. This rod just sung to me. As soon as I threw it, I knew I had to have it. Going back tomorrow to grab the matching Rise reel. Very sweet setup. Redington has a winner in this rod for sure!
  8. Anyone know if the 596-4 comes with a fighting butt? some of the models seem about average in weight and some seem pretty high in weight. 690-4 3.9 ounces 696-4 4.0 ounces but it seems they were able to keep the 5 wts. around an average weight. just saying - but I would like to try a 596 if it came with a fighting butt at 3.3 ounces.
  9. Dan have you tried the 4 weight? I have a super special deal available on redingtons from now until the 10th. curious if you have feedback on the 4.
  10. I have the Redington Link 490-4 right now (see image below) and absolutely love it. I've used it while fishing high alpine lakes and the upper Yakima (Ensign to Bullfrog and Bristol to Thorp floats) during some very windy days. It proved well suited to both -- I'd prefer a 5 wt in the 15+ mph winds of the Bristol-Thorp and lower canyon sections, but it powered through the wind well enough to get me several fish even in the strongest wind periods. And it had enough backbone to effectively fight 18+ inch cutt-bows on the Yakima.

    BTW: I am also testing the Montana Fly Company Madison IIa reel (seen here in the brown trout art stylings). A great reel for 4- to 6-wt trout rods.

    That said, the Redington Rise is also a FABULOUS reel -- I have one mounted on my Sage ONE as well as on Donna's Z-Axis. The new blue color match to the link makes a beautiful combo.
    rod-reel  001.jpg
  11. Any more info on that reel? I looked on the website and couldn't find much.

    I like!
  12. I'm also interested in getting some info on that reel. I'm a loyal customer of their flies and could see buying some gear from them.
  13. Stopped at the beach for an hour or so tonight after picking up a matching Rise reel for my 890. What a dream setup!! Matched with an Outbound short intermediate it is a cannon. Absoluteely flings tight loops with little effort. One back cast and launch. Haven't been this impressed in a rod for quite some time
  14. I'm fishing with a Redington 9 foot 5 wt Redfly2. Being a rookie at fly fishing I haven't tried alot of other rods. How does this Link compare to my Redfly2? I am looking at treating myself to another rod for Christmas.
  15. You'd probably be better off to go to a local shop where you can get your mitts on a variety of rods. I don't doubt the link is a great rod but you may find something else you like more.
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