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  1. Hey all, signed up with this site just a while ago after Googling "Scadden", lotsa threads on here regarding his products, this is my first post here (someone's using my regular handle so I had to go with this one) ;)

    I've been fly fishing quite a while up here in BC, mostly lake fishing with the odd steelhead trip every couple years, hope to do more of both when we retire in 2 or 3 years. We tow a 27 ft trailer and I have a 1436 Princecraft jon boat for fishing the lakes we go to up here in the interior. On our last trip my bud we went with had pontoon boats he took to some back lakes for him and his wife, that got me thinking of pontoons, (way easier than taking apart the boat with the anchors, seats, floor boards, outboards, fish finder etc etc) and after talking to a club member that had an Assault I decided that was the way to go, no frame and/or little parts to pack and possibly lose, everything fits into 1 bag. We already pack a ton-o-crap for our trips so the less extra the better.

    I just ordered a Renegade, decided to go for that instead of the Assault I was going to get since it'll be used for back lakes, figured the open bow was easier to get in and out of, will be able to keep my rod tip in the water etc.

    I've learned a lot reading the threads on here, will be ordering the NRS stripping apron and want to order some glue on D-rings from them at the same time, what should I get, the 1" or 2" size and what's the best glue to use with the Scadden's? They're a good idea for the stipping apron or not really needed?
    I'm getting the strap on bow anchor for now but will glue on a Scotty mount once I'm sure where I want it. I make lead pyramid anchors, they okay for the Renegades, 8 pounds or so or is there something that works better? I'm hoping to get by without a rod holder (don't have them in my boat) but where do you carry your spare rods? I take 4 with me in the boat, guess I might have to cut back in that area? ;)

    Any other tips you can offer?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. You can get an apron and the D rings from Scadden.

    I use the Glue on Scotty mounts, but I don't use an anchor. I am not sure how well the glue on would work with an 8 lb anchor hanging from it. But, again, I have not tried it.
    As for glue, I use LocTite

    I have also used Sta-bond for PVC, but to be honest, the Loctite is easier and after two years seems just as strong.
    I also have both the Assault and the Renegade. I like both, but I think you made the right choice for the in and out and keeping the rod tip in the water.

    I too take up to four rods with me. I put a glue on up front and one behind my left shoulder as I cast right. I then bought the rod tree.
    I hope this helps.
  3. What Blue says is good. I have an anchor on the Assault but use the strap on mount. Works well with 5 pound anchor.

  4. Thanks guys, guess I shoulda orderd some D-rings from Dave too, turns out the only PVC ones NRS sells are grey. I ordered the boat Tuesday (and an Assault for my bud), I heard nothing from Dave since then, called yesterday for a tracking number, now I see it was just sent yesterday after I called, Dave doesn't seem to organized...?
    I ordered the stripping aprons from NRS today, they're on sale right now for 18.95. I thought I read on here the NRS ones are better than Dave's but Blue's seems to work fine.

    Wayne, the 5 pound anchor is all you need? I'll go with the strap on for now too, will get some glue of Scotty mounts and maybe a tree for the left side like Blue did for the spare rods.

    I have an old Fishin Buddy I haven''t used in years, will use that for now, you guys use finders and how do you mount it?
    Seen this? (I'm thinking you know about it)!Fish-Finder-mount---Outlaw-Renegade/zoom/c1ijx/imagefd3

  5. Actually I think I've seen Blue's fish finder pics using that strap on the left side?
    Are those Dave's bags in the pics Blue? What's the blue on the top and is that an optional pouch on the inside of them?

  6. The Bags are the new ones. They are bigger and curved, with clips on the outside which I really like. No more mesh pockets which I kinda miss, but getting use to these. The seats now also have color. Blue or Red.

    I modified my fish finder so I can use it on any boat. I bought 2" wide nylon strap and added quick clips. I then found a little thicker flexible cutting board. I have RAM mounts as that is what I have used for years on my framed model, so I just bought a flush ball mount. Used Acorn nuts to eliminate any sharp edges. For the Transducer, an 18" piece of 1" OD PVC.
    Here are some pictures

    Battery, I use a small security 12V. About 3" x 4" x 2". Fits in a bag easy.
  7. You musta had the Renegade for a while, got it figured out by the looks of it, nice job.
    I have the Humminbird 300 too, don't really trust it as far as finding fish, was going to upgrade, maybe I'll keep it just for the Renegade though..?
  8. Really, I love my 300. I have even had to replace the plastic screen. To be honest, I had the Renegade for three years and recently sold it to a friend and bought the smaller/lighter version, that is why the new bags and seat.
  9. The new Renegades are smaller and lighter than the old ones?
    How is the seat different? We're getting the Eva seat with ours.
  10. No, I sold my 9' Renegade and bout the 8' Predator. Made out of heart valve material. They really aren't on the market yet, but we saw them and were persistent...LOL
    The side panels on the new seat are either red or blue just like the top of the bags.
  11. Ahhhh, gotcha. ;)
    Thanks for the help, we'll see how it goes.
  12. Got it pumped up for the first time, first this I noticed is the "adapter" on the included pump, looks like a piece of garden hose jammed onto the end of the pump's hose, is that normal from Dave? Is there something better available? (The valves are different than I've seen on other inflatables too.)

    Was wondering if anyone has put a better hard seat on these? I had this seat in the garage and just stuck it ontop of the Eva seat, was a lot more comfortable, lots more back support. I'm wondering if maybe attaching the seat to some padded plywood and attaching straps to hold it on would work?

    Also, anyone made any "risers" to get the oars up a little higher? That would be handy especially if I use this seat. Anxious to get it out on the water.

    (I'm missing a bag, it's on the way along with the Scotty strap on anchor roller)

  13. That piece of hose has been blowing up Daves boats for as long as I can remember. Starting with the Halkey Roberts valves. Looks like you have the new Bravo 2 valves which are similar to the Halkey. Stronger spring however. The little piece of hose is all I know of that works. I do use a LVM pump so I open the valve and fill it quick then close it. I then top it off with a K-Pump.
    This is a frameless boat and as far as I know, no way to raise the oars, but you are going to run into trouble if you try to put a thicker seat on.
    I have three boats with the cloth seat and a broken back so I absolutely love them, but that is me. I don't know what to suggest to you. All the frameless boats have cloth seats.
  14. Ok, maybe I just need to play with the seat a little more, I've read some say to make the seat a little softer but it's hard to tell sitting in the driveway... ;)
    All I have is the hand pump and it takes a little effort to put the air in, so if I push the valve in first it'll go in easier? I'll try that tomorrow. (Googling LVM and K-pump)
  15. Don't pump up the seat section too firm. Your butt will be happier. Last time out in my Assault I sat on a square cushion PFD and I liked that better. It raised me up a touch, gave me more room for my legs, and my knees got out of the way for rowing. And I have my PFD with me for safety purposes on the lake. I wear a PFD on moving water.

  16. You're going to like the Renegade. I got mine this spring and absolutely love it.
    The "hose end" adaptor on the pump works really well - I was surprised at that too, but it does the job without fail.
    I don't have the stripping apron. I just the coil loose line on the corner of the seat front next to my leg. That's worked for me so far.
    The strap-on anchor release was back-ordered for a couple of weeks for me as well. It arrived in due time and has worked well with an 8Lb. vinyl coated mushroom anchor I have. I think I originally got it from West Marine.
    Have fun with your new boat.
  17. I did the same as Wayne and eventually learned that the seat was much more comfortable with less than full air.
    I'm going to try it with the square PFD cushion next time out. Thanks for the tip.
  18. Not true.. Watermasters have a bracket that can fit on their boat that can fit any fishing seat you want. It was one of the bigger selling points for me. I need a ton of back support to not only be comfortable but to not be in pain at the end of the day. Anyways enjoy your renegade and I hope you figure out a solution for your problem.

    Picture of me playing with setup in my living room. Now just where will I fit my new puppy.

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  19. I use a Coleman rechargeable air mattress pump. It doesn't exactly fit the valve perfect and doesn't fill it up to a suitable pressure for floating. But if I open the valve and push the rechargeable pump against it, it'll fill my WaterMaster up in a minute. Top it off with 6 pumps from the foot pump and it is ready to go for the day. I wasn't interested in spending $189 for a pump that hooks onto your car battery. Having no wires and not having to deal with your car right next to the river probably saves you time in the long run. I got the pump for $15 at a discount general store where I live.

    A little more expensive at Wallmart than I paid but still a ton better than $189 for a 12V pump from the manufacturer!

  20. I totally forgot Scadden offered one as well. BUT, it is an extra, the boats don't come with them.
    I saw one 3 or 4 years ago. Molded, padded plastic seat on a little H shaped frame. Pretty cool little set-up, might be worth looking into.

    As far as pumps, thanks for posting your choice. Pretty cool.

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