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  1. Thanks for the link for the pump Steez, will look into that.
  2. For that price, you really can't beat it. Still need a hand pump to top off.
    I was just going to add, with my LVM, I can also suck the air out, which really is nice when using the suitcase or any other storage bag. I do use the little rechargeable batteries with it. If you use your vehicle, be sure it is off.
    AND, I also use an air gauge. Amazing how far off I was trying to guess, and like car tires, it made a difference. :)
  3. I went out and purchased one of those pumps on the way out of town for our family vacation. Found out that it works pretty well, however it doesn't have enough pressure to open the valves on its own so I had to push and turn the valve to a locked open position. Once I did that, it inflated quickly. You then have to move quickly and close the valve once you remove the pump before all the air comes out of the toon.
    After that, it needed about 10 pumps with my double action hand pump. If it had more pressure it would be perfect. Still for the price not bad
  4. ^Sorry, that is what I was trying to explain in my first post about the pump but apparently failed to do so. Glad it's working for you though!
  5. No problems, I was just giving a some feedback especially for those who might be looking for an electric pump. It has a number o positives including not having to be hooked up to your battery. For me it works great for the $28 bucks I paid.
  6. Exactly!
  7. Well, it's been about 2 weeks since the boats came and we're still waiting for the rest of the parts to get here, missing the roller duffles (my bud got the Assault) and I was only sent 1 side bag for the renegade, still no anchor rollers. Dave really doesn't seem to organized...
  8. Ahh! After the initial blush of excitement reality sets in, Definition: Oxymoron, Ex: Customer service/ Scadden Boats.

  9. That's about it.
    Anchor roller was here when we got home from our trip so at least I'll have an anchor for our next one when we leave Friday.
    I think I'll use it to experiment with rod holder placement too before I buy the glue on Scotty's.
    Need to figure out something with the front straps of the NRS stripping apron too.
    Like it so far, my old Caddis fins broke the rear straps, going to try gluing some nylon webbing on rather than throwing them out, really need fins when playing fish or working lines, casting etc.
  10. Just back from another trip, tried out the Scotty strap on anchor mount, seemed to hold fairly well with the 6 pound anchor. If you use the strap on do you run the straps down through the drain holes in the bottom layer or did you slit the bottom with a knife for the straps to go through?


    Used another strap on mount to experiment with the rod holder placement, worked pretty well in this location but I'll put the glue on a little closer to my seat to make it a little easier to reach. I found it better with the rod holder in the top of the mount rather than the side where I felt it got in the way when I put my foot on the foot rest, will put a mount on the right pontoon too. Was able to put the holder for the old Fishin Buddy on the same straps, not perfect (it tends to wobble around a bit ) but good enough I think...


    Need to come up with something to attach the front straps to for the NRS stripping apron, was thinking about running a piece of string from the fot rest bar up to the top and clipping it to that.

    Like to try some longer oars, any suggestions that won't break the bank?
  11. The straps on the Scotty's stretch in my use. I replaced all the straps with NRS straps. Snug as a bug. I notice on you rod holder, you put the rod holder in the side hole. Does than make it harder to grab the rod? Also, you like it better on the left?
  12. About the straps, thanks for the info Blue, I ordered a few straps from NRS when I got the stripping apron so will use them next time.
    Do you run the straps through the drain holes? Won't that tear the fabric eventually?

    I found using the other holes for the rod holder it got in the way of the foot rest when I put my boots/flippers on it. I did notice with it that far forward on the pontoon the rod tip was really flopping around from the waves when I was rowing into the wind. I only had one other strap on, I'm right handed so figured putting it on the left keeps it out of my way but I'm going to put a rod holder on both sides, glue on ones.

    You've had lotsa these, what do you recommend for longer oars? Don't need fancy graphite ones or anything for the lakes and too much longer inside the pins would make it a little awkward, but longer outside the pins might be nice..?
  13. On the drain holes, I cit them into slits for the straps. I also ran a flexible cutting board under the straps so that the anchor can't hit the boat.
    I have the Light Speed Oars a little longer than the aluminum. I absolutely love them. They have saved my arse more than once. I like them to meet about 4" apart in the middle. I do recommend go slightly longer.
    Glad the rod holders work for you this way. Just looks like it might be hard to quickly grab the rod is fish hits, but I fish barbless so that is important. But, like you said, you got to find what works for you.
  14. Well with the top holes the rod's a little higher and closer, I'm 6'1" so it's not too far to reach and I'm going to put the glue on's back a bit from the pic and (I think) with them mounted lawyer there's less chance of the line wrapping around them when casting.
    Barbless here too...

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