New Rio In-Touch Deep 5 sinking line-any reports?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by IveofIone, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. I ordered one of these yesterday and hope to use it in lieu of my Type IV and Type VI in an effort to simplify things a bit. I would be interested in hearing some opinions, got any?


  2. Well, if Brian likes it . . .;)

    If I were in the market for a new sinker, I'd be trying to decide between Rio, Airflo sixth sense, and whatever SA is marketing as their premium sinker. Hard to go wrong.

    And I'd love to hear your report once you've had some time on the water.
  3. I will probably order one to try out, i have a generic brand that is "stretchy" for lack of a better term and I end up missing a lot of strikes, I also have a Rio Aquolux 1-2ips that really lets you keep in touch with the fly like they say in that video.
  4. Don't know anything about the new Rio line-I just got a SA density compensated type V line after reading Tim Lockharts book-a type V is virtually the only line he uses! It should get down about as deep as the Type VI (maybe not as deep as the Rio Deep VII) but you will need to wait a little longer to let it sink. Ric
  5. OHHHH to get paid to fish other products would just be horrible ;)

    I blame belly sink more than anything else when using sinking lines for missing fish! I like the depth indicator marks for vertical fishing. stretching line missing fish? never heard of it! just advertising if you ask me, give me a line that stays straight while sinking (tip first, body follows)) and I can show you very few missed fish. The more belly sink, the more missed fish IMHO. But then again I'm not Brian Chan.
  6. T14 marked every 5 feet
  7. I too would be interested in hearing your on the water thoughts, Ive. I'm in the market for a type V line, and previously was unaware of this new line.
  8. Got the In-Touch Deep 6 for Christmas this year. Have been itching to try it out, but its still a little cold for my comfort level. Hoping to get it on the water soon. The non-stretch feature has me very intrigued.
  9. I've been reluctant to replace my 15 year old sinking line (I honestly have no clue what brand or sink rate it is, but it does sink fast) but hmmmm, I might be convinced. I will likely also need a new reel to go with it.
  10. I just bought some too, but the lakes are still frozen here. Someone out there in the NW will get a chance to try the line before I will.
  11. I fished this line today for the first time. Initial thoughts are it casts pretty much the same as all the other Rio sinking lines I have. The welded loop seems very sturdy. The hang marker..... well... I'm just not sure I can appreciate that little feature. The box claims it will keep you from retrieving your leader knot into the rod tip, but I guess that's just not a big problem for me. It's also suppose to be a visual indicator for fishing "the hang", but again I don't really see it being a big advantage. Hell, the damn thing is pretty hard to see anyway.

    The line sank nicely and fished well. Didn't get any strikes, so I can't speak much to it's non stretch core... But I will say that when I was bumping bottom/weeds, the line had a slightly different feel to it. Or so it seemed... I dunno, could just be in my head.

    Overall, a nice line. If you're in the market for a Type V it will do the job admirably. I'm not sure it's leaps and bounds better than the other comparable lines, but it seems to do what it is intended to do, and do it well.
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  12. Ditto this. I get more hook-ups on a sink tip due to less belly.

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