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Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Stonefish, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. I saw this on another board. They've addressed some of the running line tangling issues folks have discussed here before. Looks like another good beach line option is now available.

    Rio Introduces Outbound Shorts

    After input from Charlie Bisharat, Dan Blanton, Kevin Doran as well as others, Rio is expanding upon their very popular Outbound family of fly lines, the consistent feedback was to make the head shorter and improve handing of the running line.
    The standard Outbounds (OB) lines have a 37 ft head and the new OB Short lines incorporate a 30 ft head. This makes the line easier to manage for most casters particularly when casting large flies. This line also has a very short front taper which aids in turnover of the “biggest bugs.” Like the OB’s these lines will excel when attaining maximum distance with minimal false casts. Also like the OB’s they are over weighted by 2 sizes. An 8wt is equal to a 10wt standard line, a 9wt is equal to an 11wt etc.
    Besides the shorter head length these new lines incorporate a larger diameter running line for easy handling. The new OB Shorts are available in both a cold weather and a tropical version. The cold water is available in a floating head floating running line (WF5F-WF10F), an intermediate head floating running line (WF5F/I-WF10F/I) and an intermediate head intermediate running line version (WF8I-WF10I). The cold water version is ideal for Stripers, Pike, California surf, etc..
    The Tropical Version is available in a full floater (WF8F-WF12F) and an intermediate head floating running line(WF8F/I-WF12F/I). This is an ideal line for roosterfish from the beach and the boat, dorado, blind casting to tarpon, barracuda, trevally and peacock bass just to name a few!
    These lines are available now and your local Rio Dealer and will Retail for $74.95.
  2. do people not realize that RIO makes 30' shooting heads and running lines?

    not to be rude, but rio's heads cost $35 and their running line costs $35. that equals $4.95 less than the integrated line.... and you can buy another head to use with the same spool and running line. i gotta ask... what is the benefit of this line for the angler (obvious benefit to retailer)?

  3. Chris,
    I think most people who fish the salt know about shooting heads. Some folks just like the integrated lines more, which was the reason for my posting this info. Their are a lot of Outbound fans on the board here.
    I use both. Out of a boat, I like the shooting head set-up. Off the beach, I like the integrated head. Not saying it is right, just my preference.
    To each his own.
  4. I use both... like the integrated lines alot though.
  5. I've whacked some of my Outbounds to 28'-30'. About 75% from the back and 25% from the front. They cast like bricks but at least I've saved hundreds of helpless rocks and wood from being impaled on my back casts. I've also got several 9 & 11 wt Rio Max II heads for when I'm traveling to unfamiliar areas with my Beulah & TFO switch rods. All of the Outbound running lines that I cut off went in the trash.
  6. sorry for the dumb question but what is the dif between a shooting head and intergrated line?

    Does having just a "larger,heavier or longer than average head" make it a shooting head?
  7. Integrated = no loop-to-loop connection between running line and head. I like integrated lines for their smooth connection, which doesn't hang up on the cast or when fighting a fish, and doesn't catch floating junk in the water.
  8. Another somewhat important different between the lines is that the modern integrated head lines typically have a 'handling line' area behind the head, for easier casting, where the running line on looped shooting head systems do not.
  9. :beer1:whoa hang on there a sec... Whassat??? Wolverine, you cut down your Outbound heads and tossed the running lines? What are you now using for running line?

    I'm curious, as my own Rio Outbound is sitting in two pieces, head and running line. I hate the running line. Had to cut out and toss 11 feet of it this time. Had already cut out some and spliced it before, right behind the head. Head works pretty good, but does seem a little long.

    Also, after cutting your heads back, and fishing them, do you think you would cut them back to the same length again?

    At $75 a pop for new one, i'll be slicin' and splicin'.
  10. Jim, for my style of fishing the Outbound running lines were too thin, tangled too much, and too fragile. I'm playing around now with Airflo's ridge running line and SA's running line. I like them both but the ridge line really flies through the guides. What I have on a couple of rods now is Suffix Siege mono in 30 lb orange color. I picked up the idea from Dan Blanton's board. It's cheap, doesn't kink, and is slippery (actually too slippery for the first time out). I put braided mono loops on the ends of the flyline (how to again from Blanton), and just tie the mono to it. Works great. I asked Philster and a couple of others from other boards about cutting back lines. Basically what I wanted was a line/head that I could roll cast straight, water haul it, 1 back cast, and let it fly. All that I really did was turn the Outbound into a shooting head. I originally really liked the Outbounds but tired of dealing with the long heads casting from the sloping beaches. From a boat they work great as long as you use a basket to keep the running line under control. My first project lines were a couple of 7 wts. I started by whacking 3-1/2' from the back and 2' from the front. As I fine tuned I kept trimming from the back. Since I took a fair amt of wt from the line I'm throwing it from a 6 wt. The old Outbounds were 2 wts over anyway, so I didn't lose much. I've also played around with poly leaders and thats still a work in progress.
  11. Thanks, wolverine. I am probably going to get one of the Airflo ridge running lines. If I like it with my 6 wt Outbound head, then I might get another one for my 8 wt. Rio Versa Tip line. The running line on that is similar to the one on the Outbound, has had bad spots cut out, and then spliced.

    I might experiment a bit and cut back the Outbound. I have the same problem losing flies to the rocks and trees, etc. on steep beaches. Some beaches are pretty skinny near high tide, with little room for a back cast. Shorter might be better for me there, and I have nothing to lose. Don't know if I'll cut it back to what the new shorter ones are, at 30 feet, but I'll figure out something. Thanks again.
  12. I spliced both of my Rio lines back together. The Outbound's running line had just broken. I removed about 11 more feet of it to get rid of a section where the coating was broken and peeling. The Versa-Tip's running line was losing its coating again, so I cut out the bad, peeling section.
    On both lines, I ended up installing braided mono loops rather than just splicing them back together. Now i have a shooting head and running line rather than an integrated shooting head on the Outbound, and a similar setup on the Versa-tip.

    I cut a total of 3 1/2 feet from the head of my Outbound. It is now 34 feet long, which is still a little long, but I didn't want it to lose too much weight.

    Now all I need is new Airflo Ridge running lines to replace the old Rio running lines (getting shorter to verging on "too short" if my casting gets better), and my vocabulary should clean up a bit.
  13. I have two breeds of Outbounds now, 3 of the clear, intermediate heads in 6, 8 and 10 weights with the yellow floating running line. The ten is the best of the lot due to a larger diameter. I also have a type 8 sinking line, that uses a green, intermediate running line, which is a completely different animal. It is stiffer, and seems easier to handle, so I don't get the tangles, and don't drop it as often as I do back hauling the yellow mush.

    While I have a love/hate/detest/curse relationship with the intermediates, I can endorse the sinking line from a boat very highly. The new line sounds like a great improvement, but I've already got much of my retirement fund sunk in the old ones.
  14. I won't be buying any new shooting lines soon, either. My retirement fund sunk.bawling: I'll have to switch to straight lead core.

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