new rod for winter work

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Sean Beauchamp, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Echo TR.
  2. If you can find a Loop 8124Y jump on it. I fish this with a 540 Compact Skagit and tips up 200 grains and it is a cannon. At 12'6" with a Salmon 1 this rod easy to fish and cast all day.

    I also fish the DC 7/8, with a 510 compact skagit and tips up to 200 grains. At 13' with the Salmon 2 or 1 this rod is also a pleasure to fish all day.

    The DC IMHO seems to be a little softer in the butt. Does not make much of a differance when casting but you will notice the differance when fighting a fish.

    Both are sweet rods!
  3. Agreed, sweet rods for the price. I also like my Decho 9136, that thing will turn over some heavy tips and damn big flies. My 7136 Z-Axis is still my go to twig, even for winter fish. I'll have that Decho out on the coast this winter if you want to toss it Sean.
  4. Pretty freaking simple there. Far less money out of your wallet for your rod...more for the family!
  5. Or more money for more gear! ;)

    My winter stick has been the Zaxis 8129. Since they will be discontinued it seems you can always find one used these days. The stick is a canon and you can throw some big stuff in tight quarters. I also have been pining over the tcx 8119, but haven't casted one yet. I've played around with the 6119 and loved it. If the 8119 is a fair bit stiffer it should be a fun winter stick, but it's pricey and not too many used yet...lots of good suggestions here!
  6. Sean: Know xactly what you mean by short lines w/mass-bout 3 yrs ago I took a 750 rio skag head n cut it to 18ft-570 grns. Put a 5ft cheater on er and WOW! Been throwing that on a cpx13ft 3in 8wt for 3 yrs now.

    Winter rod answer--SCOTT T2H1258/4 and a rio 625skagit short head @ 20ft. Bout the same stroke as a switch rod with oodles of power for big tips n bigger uglies..
    Thats a true lifetimer that is a dedicated winter rod, casts big w/out backcast or limited overhead room.
  7. Anyone have that Scott T2H??? I'd love to cast it as well as the 8129 z been recommended those both a few times.
  8. I've heard great things about that Z but I've also heard she's on the fast side.
  9. Michael down at Pacific Fly Fishers should. They also make a 12'6" 8wt that I'm going to go throw around sometime this week because I want to get one of those, I'll let you know what I think.
  10. I forgot mike carries those ill call him and see if he has one in stock. I think Joe E has one actually I'm gonna hit him up
  11. AWESOME stick .
  12. This is my go to rod. I would recommend it if you like the DC's. Its awesome and I chuck some serious stuff with it.
  13. I have the same rod and love it. I throw a compact skagit 550 and it flies. Just my two cents.

  14. Cf burkheimer 8133-3 on ebay less than 400 dollars right now
  15. If you don't like chron's Death Star you probably wont like the 8129 Z. I don't think you want the 8119 either because it's pricey and it wont throw big HEAVY flies very far all day comfortably. That said it's a killer coastal stick and you can try mine whenever. I think you would like the Loop Yellow 8124. I got mine for the same reasons you mentioned. Cheap, light, and throws BIG rigs. I still have one of Ringlee's that he is trying to sell and I'm sure he would let you test drive it.
  16. Thanks guys I talked myself outta the switch. Gonna spend a day on the river with my roomates 7126 tcx and see how I feel about it. Besides that gonna cast the 8129 z, mks 13' 7/8, and try to get my hands on a t2h to toss around. Thanks again.
  17. Word neighbor!
  18. Ha.... you got to love what others love! all good rods!! BTW, TCX is NOT a stiff rod compare to LeCie and T&T... the only requirement is you need to spent time to chat with her...

    Another sleeper, CPX 7-12'7 great cork and nice components - a.k.a Poorman's Death Star. T14-17 to Rage 450 dry line...

    good luck Sean!
  19. You'll probably really like the 13' 7/8 MKS considering the Deer Creek 7/8 was designed off of the MKS. You can't go wrong with any of the three rods mentioned but the 7126 and the 8129 are bottom hand pull rods and if you push them with your top hand they'll eventually make your day kinda miserable.

  20. All this talk about winter rods.. someone should line up a half ass clave, Im in the market for a new one as well just don't know what I want.. considering the TR but could go high end. Beer drinking casting.. anybody interested in a westside get together in the near future? I know ORAD will be there with his 16' behemouth... all he wants to do is cast all day anyway. this would be better than fishing for him.

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