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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Sean Beauchamp, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. Cool idea Luke. Where's the good spot? Need a nice accessible gravel bar, preferably river right?

  2. Sean,
    I have the T2h around here somewhere, let me know I could loan it out
  3. Steve.. you know more about it around this area... River rights cool, I drop bombs from wherever I'm standing though. hahahaha I'd definitely be down to attend if theres interest.
  4. I will only attend a spey clave on the hatchery side of reiter 3rd week of December with flow around 8k plus. If we get there early enough and strategically lock down the bank you guys can play spey rods and I can finally fulfill my fantasy of nymphing the creek mouth during A-Day.
    Thanks for the generous offers everyone! Good people.
  5. That Sean B guy, he doesn't ask for much, eh?

    Luke, I wish there was a good spot on the Nisqually because it would be drivable for both Puget Sound and SW WA residents. But the best spot I can think of is the bar downstream of Mounts Rd bridge, and that requires a Ft. Lewis Range Pass. Maybe there's a good spot on the Puyallup, but I've never been on that river. If there is, that would be pretty easy access.

  6. Sounds like you're s.w. WA oriented. If you'd be willing to have the winter rod clave with a more northerly center, I suggest the Cracker Bar in downtown Mt. Vernon, within sight of I-5. It has the open bar room and river right features you'd mentioned. That could attract Russ (flytyer) and me, to show you why we think that winter rods begin above 15 feet.
  7. Winter rod: change the line, keep the rod.
  8. Sean,
    SO far all time favorite 8129 sage z ax, I find myself getting into shorter and shorter Spey rods out on the coast and eastern rivers. I find that the short game is much better fished with a spey under 13 ft and we fish nearly NO gravle bars so tight strokes are much easier backed up to brush.
    To spend that kind of money think about were you will fish the most as a shortish spey rod under (13 ft or even 12.5) rod will still fish well on big water but a longer rod wont fish so well on the highbank or under trees like so many of the coastal rivers.
  9. My thoughts xactly!!!!!!! Got to get back to da HOH n da T2H is coming w/me.

    Nooksack Mac--In the dead of winter- lake michigan tribs- my fav big water-I generally fish me MKS15ft 8/9, with a nextcast 9/10 winter authority or the 8/9 fall favorive I use on her. Really is my sweetheart stic. But I am talking gin clear- 31F temp H2O and low flows.. STRIPPING LINE DONT WORK W/AIR TEMPS IN THE TEENS OR TWENTIES.

    If the temps and flows are favorable- first thing I reach for in me quiver is a short stic N a skag head and my pack of tips.

    Totally diferrent than the PNW
  10. Haha. Sounds like every rod made is perfect for you! What did you expect?
  11. Gotta crack on Sean B being so eager to get his hands on so many other men's rods.
  12. echo 8133 decho 600 compact skagit.... the lob stick. kinda like a catapult. I also like the 9136 decho with a 660 compact skagit. lately been playing with some longer rods and cheaters with huge skagits. 9140 TR T&T 15 9wt 3 piece and am going to get my hands on one of the new Echo King rods.....that may be the ticket. I would try and find one of them to try. I aslo want a 850 grain skagit or at least a 800 gr. I like to fish the whole chicken deep and fast.
  13. Kinda what I expected. But I value the opinion of many of those that are offering advice we fish a lot of the same rivers. I'm not much of a gear oriented guy. So I find it helpful. I've made that deer creek work for me it has seen a ton of use. But I would like to own something more capable and of better quality now that I've started to carve out my program. With as few fish as there are it pays to fish a bit differently than the next guy. Im gonna stay around 12' 6" and I'm gonna be casting and fishing a few different sticks thanks to some generous folks. Thanks everyone
  14. Love it rick! You haven't found the longer rods and lines to limit your casting ability when standing IN the wig??? That's my biggest concern. I'm wanna to go shorter and shorter. seems like those airflo switch lines pack an extra punch since mass is so condensed.
  15. Some people like to have a different rod for every application. A friend of mine always brings three rods to the river, each rigged differently. I choose to bring one rod, three different heads, and a s**t load of sink tips. I know what that rod will do, and how to make it do what I want. I'm having another one built just like it. Just in case something ever happens to it.
  16. agree, same with me... I think Ed has mentioned this that he built 3 basic lines for each rod, each line deliver different sink tip and fly combo...

  17. Sean, back to the logical question of getting your already known, trusted and loved rod regripped...can't you see the logic in that?
  18. Because new gear is awesome
  19. When did you become the voice of consumer reason, Ed? Everybody knows that new shit is the best kind of shit! Especially when it comes to new twigs.
  20. Normally I suggest stimulating the economy. Sean has someone to put through college now! New cork will make that friendly old rod all new and exciting all over again....and not break the bank.

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