new rod for winter work

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Sean Beauchamp, Nov 12, 2011.

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    Sean, I'm assuming the D.C. you're talking about is the one I sold you a few years ago? If so I'm glad you've gotten some use out of it. When I was in your shoes (looking to upgrade) I went with a 13'3" 7/8 BIIX. I found its action "familiar" with a whole lot nicer fit and finish than the TFO. In fact if I were you I'd buy this guy's setup (if it's still available):
  2. Sean Beauchamp Hot and Heavy at yer 6

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    That's the one! Missing some cork rings but still kickin! Been good to me, lots of firsts and bests with the ol deer creek. Thanks for hookin me up!

    Regripping it with fancy cork won't change the fact that it isn't quite what I need. I'm gonna keep it for sentimental reasons.... But I need a new stick.
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    I'm with 1morecast on this one. I have the 8124, but I fish a 570 on it and it is sweet. I still have the 8130 Multi that LBC is talking about, the yellow is getting all the attention these days though. There are so many great rod/line setups now that it really all depends on what suits you for your casting style. A winter gathering of 'favorite' rods would be a cool thing, maybe it could also be a swap meet where people could bring rods and reels and lines that they may want to sell/trade.
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    Ed, you are no one to talk about such things! With you having two lovely ladies and being a professed gear whore.....
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    Beulah 7132 platinum!!!!
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    I'm a rod whore, and after five pages STILL recommend recorking the ol gal!
    Call Bob, you bonehead!
    Two dozen rods in my bucket. I still advise recorking the 13' 7/8 DC. Sorry, no better recommendation bro. Spend all the money you want, etc.
    I have the big money rods- Loomis, Le Cie, Sage...etc...and I still go back to this one.

    Edit: I just reread the post where you said it wasn't quite what you needed, duh on me. sorry.
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    The TCX 7126 is an 8 wt, for all intents and purposes. Very strong in the butt. I throw 575 w/ 10 ft. t-14 no problemo (well, up to a certain distance that is).
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    This statement is SPOT ON! As we all know the trend in spey rods are becoming shorter and shorter. I had a chance to throw an Airflow Skagit Switch line on a 7123 Winston MX. That set up threw 10-12' of T-14 and the biggest lead eye intruder I've ever tied like a damn polly leader. I've never been so impressed with a rod/line combo for throwing tips and a chicken.
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    BII MX 12'3"

    The BII MX is a really fantastic and over looked rod.. outshines other trendy 'star' rods in a big way* :thumb:

    *qualified with "in my opinion".