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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Rick Sharp, Jan 1, 2012.

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    I ordered a new blank from Bob and began the process of the handle construction today, it's an MKS 13' 6/7 should work out great for what I have in mind, this will be my third Meiser rod and I Have finally found my holy grail with the feel of the MKS rods. I'll post pictures as the components are being put together.

    I have a Clearwater series 13'6" 8/9 and it's a powerful rod for springers as well as winter runs, they don't stand a chance with the power of this rod, and the 10'6" 3/4 switch with a special line setup from Steve handles everything from trout to smallmouth and summer runs, a fantastic stick, one of my favorites. This new rod should fit in just right for my arsenal.

    Stay tuned for a pictorial of this one, something I've never done is take photos of the rods I build for myself so hopefully I can get a lot of feedback and implement the comments as all are welcome feel free please.

    bottom handle parts selected
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    Spinning on lathe (nice stop action photo)
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    Starting to take shape
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    First coat of finish applied to the bottom handle, 5" in length
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  2. Matthew LeBret Active Member

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    Great looking grip :thumb: I really am liking birch more and more. I am looking forward to the final pictures!!
  3. Rick Sharp Member

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    Turned the seat tonight, I really like the amboyna burl it's a hard wood and takes a finish very good. I used CA for the finish on the seat as it will take a little more abuse putting on and taking off the reel.

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    Completed Handle, 5" Rear Grip and 12" Foregrip with a A8 seat using the same wood as on handle. I like it and can't wait to finish up and give it a go.

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  4. Rick Sharp Member

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    I found a use for the drop off pieces of stock from the handle and reel seat, I used the same stuff as the rear or lower grip and hopefully it somewhat resembles that, I also used a couple chunks of cork that I had culled earlier. hope you get a kick out this, I did.
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  6. WABOWMAN Active Member

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    That is a beautiful rod!Very nice.I like the handle and have wanted to get into turning just never have.Thank you for posting your picks.
  7. Tyler84 New Member

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    wow, impressive to say the least! incredible detail with the wood. Funny, i was just turning reel seats on my buddy's lathe today. what was that finish you recommended? my buddy was talking about a finish that penetrates the wood, marine grade but could not remember the name.

    After having fumbled my way around the lathe today, your handle looks even more impressive given the difficulty of the task. Beautiful rod.
  8. Rick Sharp Member

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    I use CA for the reel seats which is essentially super glue and then sand with 600 and buff on a wheel, I use Birchwood Casey's Gun Stock oil on the grips, apply let dry then smooth it with 000 steel wool and repeat, both are very durable and I like the CA on the seat because it's a hard finish and resist scuff's from the reel being put on and off somewhat.