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Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Prince16, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. I have an opportunity to buy a new fly rod that is a 6/7. I was wondering if it will hold up to steelhead.
  2. No I don't recommend fighting winter fish with one

    However it would work for summer applications

    Some will tell u on here that's all in the angler ans they landed 20 pounder on there 5wt those guys normally fish with beads
  3. Thanks for your reply

  4. What make and model? Single handed, two handed, etc. Several 6/7 two handed rods could be used year round. Give us some details, and you'll likely get more feedback than you ever wanted :)
  5. And ignore Evan. He's off his meds.
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  6. Single handed 10.6 ouavies
  7. What would the length you are looking for? Brand? or do you have one in mind yet and also asking what brand we would recommend?

    Possible rivers looking to fish? you fishing from shore or out of a boat or both? I am just looking at your location your from and what rivers you have nearby, also where else you may go.

    For me if I was going to use my single hander, I would step up to an 8wt in the 9.5 to 10' length, there are so many variables to the rod to the condition that one has to look into. This is why we have so many rods in our closets!


  8. I would say it would be fine for a variety of summer fish work, and some specialized winter fishing. But as an all around rod (especially for heavy water in the winter), I would say it is too light.

    I use a 10'6" single to swing and nymph summer fish and it works well. But the waters I use it on are smallish most of the time. And the fish are A-run (20"-25" for the most part). Where the B-run fish (28"- 40"+) are accessible and a possibility, I like 7wt 2 handed rods.
  9. I've been using a single hand 10 8wt this year and just dialed in my line for spey casting. I would think a 6/7 10footer wold be fine as long as youre not throwing really heavy tips and flies, and know how to play/land. If you're nymphing then just use whatever, but for spey casting a single hander with any sort of sink tip I would say 8wt is better. But still a good beach or summer dryline stick though
  10. dirty ass nympher:)
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