New Sage DS2 4wt - still in plastic wrap! $190

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by chadk, Dec 1, 2005.

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  1. This 2 peice rod is still in the plastic wrap. Never opened. Never used. I have the warranty card (not filled out).

    Asking $190. Pickup in Sno\Monroe or Redmond\Bellevue.
  2. What a deal. It's a little known fact that this is one of the sweetest 9' 4wts out there.
  3. is that the blue rod?
  4. brown
  5. $185??

    Perfectly new rod, but at a 'used' price. Won't last long :)
  6. You weren't TOO sorry to say it I guess... Thanks for sharing??

    How about I make it $185 OBO.
  7. What is your bottom line, I have a friend that might be interested. I know what these rods were selling for when everyone was try to off load them. I know you dont want to give it away, I personaly like the DS series rods. Thanks Rick
  8. Well, I'm not desperate to sell it or anything. I'd be happy to keep as it's a great rod. Just thought that I'd see if I get any bites before I get fish slime on the handle - since it is in brand new condition (a replacement rod of the one I broke this summer). DS2 rods are awesome all around light weight rods (not a fan in the heavier weights), but I love tossing small dries and yet feel just as much at home throwing indicator or dropper rigs and weighted woolly buggers.

    If anyone is interested, just PM me you best offer...
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