New Sage Rod series: The One

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dan Nelson, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Just had to quote that one Big D. The planets must be aligned today!
  2. I got a custom sage12' two piece speyrod built by a dude that lives in the skagit valley, I've always thought it was the one, so much for thinkin!!!!
  3. Buy the newest and pay the most.

    PT's list of rod models is the only
    graphite I need. Now what I want is a
    different story but can you
    really improve an IMX or RPL?

    Wish I had One
  4. It's kind of like smart phones...I'm always a bit behind. But since we live in this economy which only moves forward if people buy the next 'one', then I'm hoping there are a few out there that pick this 'one' up. Then I can buy their old gear for cheap. :)
  5. That's not a bad way to go. Pretty much all my technology -- cars, cameras, computers -- are one generation removed from the latest thing. I'm rarely on the cutting edge, but I do believe that technology does advance and that newer is, more often than not, better. Technology that's more than a couple of generations old is generally pretty dated.

    There are exceptions and a rod that was good 15 years ago is still good today. But as much as I like my RPL+ and the way it casts, it ain't a Z-Axis. And I imagine that the XP will start to look a little big and stiff compared with a ONE. Does that mean the RPL and the XP are lousy rods? Hell no. Does it mean you won't be able to catch fish with them any more? Hell no, again. But if you argue that the new ones are no better than the old ones -- nothing more than a new name and paint job -- I'd have to disagree.

    While I'm mainly a Loomis guy, I own an RPL and I own an XP. Now that it's discontinued, there might be a Z-Axis in my future.
  6. oooooo.... ahhhhh... Black Ice. I think that was the color of Spinal Tap's album.
  7. the "One"
    I think I catch more fish with the other one.
  8. Didn't they screw themselves for the next model? What comes after the "One"? "The Next One"? "The Other One"? "No Seriously, This is the One"? "For Real....This is the One"!
  9. I'm sure it'll be an awesome rod. Sage has consistently made great rods and improved their line over the years. I enjoy the zaxis and the sp the most - two totally different actions. I think it's a great company, and a local one to boot. I couldn't believe how small the office was when I dropped off a rod for service last month.

    I say - three cheers to them for developing a new rod. Hopefully it's even nicer than their already gorgeous rods. I probably won't be buying a brand new one - but in two years, I'll scrounge one up off the classifieds if it lives up to its' claims.
  10. Now they have a cool name for the marketing department. I can just see the print adds now. " The One rod to rule them all" Look how many "Death Star " rods they have sold. I see them for sale on E-bay and spey pages because people that are gear whores that wont spend the money to learn how to fish the rods they currently have. They buy a rod fish it a couple of times and realize it isnt for me
    when all they need is a casting clinic or to hire a guide for a day.
  11. They'll probably call it Z-One or X-One
  12. Not saying new technology doesn't make for a better rod. They may end up being a tad lighter and help me cast another foot or two but I don't need that. As it is right now I can cast as well as needed under most conditions, mend as well as needed, and at the end of the day I'm not grabbing for a bottle of Ibuprofen. How do you improve on that?

    I'm as much of a gear whore as anyone.... My Abel, Tibor, Bauer, etc can verify that. But, no need for a rod that may help me cast another foot and weighs a couple grams less than what I currently own. In another 10 or so years I'm sure I'll add ONE to my arsenal and love it.

    My bigger concern is do I buy my Grady back from my friend or stick with the current boat that works perfectly fine for its application..:)
  13. I am going to get "one" because they are shiny black and I like shiny black things. It is going to be coolest rod on the water. If I start saving now I might be able to get "one" by the time they come out with "two".

    Car makers figured out a long time ago they can make more money selling new cars if they produce a model year every year. Software companies figured out the way to financial freedom was thru upgrades to existing products and new products every couple of years. Even beverage makers are now creating a new brew every year or so. I seen hard ice tea advertised recently. What next? They still need to make their products better or at the very least convince the consumer that they are better. Nothing new as far as new stuff goes. In a year or two there will be another model out that is better than the last. Those that want one will get one, those that don't will talk about it here.
  14. Yep. Bought me a Sage DS back in '94. It was good enough then and it's good enough now. All this new fangled, high falutin' crap is just a bunch of new fangled, high falutin' crap as far as I'm concerned.

    Now get off my lawn.
  15. I like my sage SFL, LL, SP, and SLT. All rods i thoroughly enjoy fishing. I look forward to the sage rod specifically
    designed to help me better manage my time, so i'm able to spend more time on the water. I'd buy a few of those!
  16. I am looking forward to the two handed One to come out. The One Two.
    Think it will cost a grand?
  17. What i think is funny is how many fly fisherman truly do not know how to cast good and still buy these high dollar newest of the new rods . i've been watching local fly guys at a local fly only lake and most just kick their fins trolling around and cast about 30 feet in a half circle when they do cast . most just troll a woolly bugger and wonder why they are not catching many fish . Over my years at fly fishing i have seen very few "GOOD" casters that would really benefit from most of the super fast rods of today .

    Heck we got back to the ramp on wensday and a guy asked if we did any good ? when i said 25 or 30 he looked mad and never said another word to us , my friend told me after i got the truck that he new the guy didn't believe us and thought we had lied to him . what ever !
  18. Black Ice? Wrong color. It doesn't fit the all-important image I project of myself as a fly fisherman of high class and impeccable taste. I'll wait for a different color, better looking model.

  19. Or Two One? One + One? Eleven? "My rod goes to eleven".
  20. that's hilarious. You should copyright that and sell it to them in two years.

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