New Sage Rod series: The One

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dan Nelson, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. elroostere Member

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    Sounds like this is ONE good excuse to buy a z-axis 30% off.
  2. dreamonafly Member

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    Thanks for education on all the names, if you read my post, it stated IMHO...I wasn't going name names...

    Allow me to get you a second round of popcorn with extra salt this time..

    Sorry I am just a bigger fan of Sage that's it.....
  3. John Dude Learned skills from George Dickel

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    Orvis also has cheaper stuff that's identical to the 1000$ stuff without the platinum guides and the carbon fiber rod tube. Plus I had my tax refund back.
  4. Dr Bob Member

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    “The ONE rod becomes a true extension of the angler’s arm,”

    This statement was the one that pushed me over the top. What a crock of......, well you know. Anyone in the market for some swamp land in Florida too?

    Dr Bob
  5. Brookie_Hunter aka Dave Hoover

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    iagree I'm really not craving any rod at the moment (well maybe one :p ). But I hardly fish the rods that I have already. My buddy lets me fish his Sage XP 4wt once in a while and in all honesty I like my old 8.5ft Redington Crosswater 3/4wt that I lifted off Sierra Trading Post several years ago for < $30 just as much. It's probably because I have insufficient skills to truly appreciate the nuances of the Sage and I'm accustom to fishing the Crosswater. Blissful ignorance can be a wonderful thing...
  6. jessejames Flyslinger

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    Bob you just don't get it do you. All of the Sage dealers are going to have a medical staff on board and the ONE will be surgically attached to the buyers arm. Truely it will an extension of the casters arm..
  7. giv'n fatlips Member

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  8. JP2 Member

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    C'mon guys....It's NEW.....It's SEXY....It will get you DATES......although cheap beer and fish is all you want.
    Just wait....Next month the "TACTICAL" comes out in stealth gray with laser sight carbon fiber grip and extended fly magazine.......
  9. dreamonafly Member

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    You beat me to it......amen
  10. Buck "Ride'n Dirty."

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    I've never walked away from fishing experience because of inferior equipment, however, I have said "do you mind if I just try your Z-axis?" Big mistake.... and I was fishing a Sage.
  11. Buck "Ride'n Dirty."

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    Oh, and when it becomes an extension of my ....rod, then i'll get ONE!
  12. Dan Nelson Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum

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    A nice little cardboard tube arrived on my doorstep today – inside was a slim black aluminum tube containing a very slim black 4-piece wand.

    It got a bit wet today, but only from uncontrollable drool. Tomorrow it will be christened in the Yakima before venturing north to Alaska for the next week. I'll share my thoughts / findings here first (even before going out to my paying publications). Joining in the field testing will be a Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Officer (my brother) and a handful of other outdoor professionals.

    Stay tuned for our first impressions and in-depth field notes.
  13. Be Jofus G Banned or Parked

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    Welcome to Sage. Would you like to try our NEW EXTRA BIG ASS COOL Fly rod? Now with more MOLECULES!
  14. Porter Active Member

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  15. Don Freeman Freeman

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    I got to cast them last week, and it was amazing. Simply the most accurate, light, easy casting rod I've ever handled. I admit to a preference for fast action, high performance rods, and can spend whatever I want on my equipment. We cast side by side with the NRX, same models (9' for a 5, etc) and I was astounded. It was even better for my taste than the Loomis. I found the same kind of difference as when I cast my first graphite after years of fiberglass compared to what I've been used to.. I got to test the Z when they first came out, and wasn't nearly so impressed. My quandary is what to get first.

    If you're looking for a beach rod, try the 9'6" for a six weight.
  16. august Member

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    Is it really that shocking that a manufacturer is going to use marketing to their advantage when trying to sell rods? A lot of posts in this thread make it sound like its never happened before. Yeah they avertise their new stuff, who cares. Nobody is forcing anyone to buy a rod... now as to the actual rod, I've cast it, and it blew me away, and some really sweet rods have come out recently.... I also cast it before I'd read anything about it, or had a clue what it was, the rep wouldnt tell me anything about it until after id cast it. The accuracy claim is no bs, its just a super accurate rod. Now, if you dont want one, obviousy dont buy one... or you can just argue about it online :)
  17. Jay Burman Experienced Ne'r do well and Layabout.

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    I own 16 Sage Rods. I love them like my children, but to be honest, as much as I love them I don't see how the latest Series "One" could be any better than the previous models or have anything new that will enable any additional fishing success. I certainly don't need a seventeenth Sage Fly Rod. That being said, if I had the money I'd probably buy one. I can't help myself.
  18. _WW_ Fishes with Wolves

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    Before I get one I need to find a co-signer. If you can help send me a PM!
  19. Brady Burmeister Active Member

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    Let's share it! Find 6 more people and we'll rotate.
  20. craigos New Member

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    Dont worry, own as many Winstons ...