New Sage Rod series: The One

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Dan Nelson, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. Porter

    Porter Active Member

    Hard to tell from pics I have seen, but are the reel seats on the heavier rods silver or bronze? I thought it might be same seat as the TCX, but I read one product description as both the lighter and heavier reel seats bronze in color. Just curious.
  2. little rod

    little rod Member

    One Valdez has "ONE" and I really would like one.
  3. ozcast

    ozcast Member

    they are bronze. The same bronze as the click reels.
  4. rymo

    rymo Member

    That same experience just had me spend $400 on a Winston BiiX 690-4 off eBay last week. Casted my dad's and realized that it actually made a HUGE difference vs my Sage Launch. I was perfectly happy with the $200 Launch up until that point :) Kind of like the first time I drove an Audi or Porsche - "oh, that's what it feels like to turn at high speed!" Not that the new rod will necessarilly catch more fish, but it certainly will improve my distance and accuracy, which couldn't hurt!
  5. Shad

    Shad Active Member

    Without question, Sage has always made some of the finest casting tools around, and I doubt this one will be an exception to that trend. What would separate this rod from some of its predecessors (in my mind), thereby justifying its lofty moniker, would be if it was as effective at holding fish as it was at casting.

    I never used to think about it much, but on a recent outing with a guide/friend, we discussed the pros and cons of a mid-priced Echo Spey rod I was trying out, and he mentioned that he loved everything about it except that it didn't flex deeply enough when fighting fish to hold them with the regularity he liked. He said he had the same thoughts about Sage Z-Axis switch rods (great casters, marginal fish fighters). Sure enough, later that day, I hooked a steelhead, and I actually noticed what he was talking about while fighting it. I might have noticed this before had it been fresh on my mind in the past, but I found myself wishing the rod would bend to the cork, especially when the fish was head-shaking. I ended up getting the fish to my feet before it shook the hook and took off (the ideal conservationist release, which feels great in every way except for the missed grip and grin opportunity), but it seemed somewhat in doubt the whole time. Since then, I have really appreciated how some of my medium-progressive action rods have handled fish once hooked.

    If these new Sage rods fight fish as well as they cast, they may indeed be worthy of being dubbed "One." Short of that, they will be merely another in a long line of the finest casting tools available from Sage (I will still wish I had "One" - or three).

    As for the marketing stuff, with lifetime warranties and such limiting the frequency with which we NEED to purchase new rods, a rod manufacturer must make us WANT to purchase them to stay in business. Those of us who own older Sage rods and will almost inevitably need to replace them at some point should be okay with whatever they need to do to keep the doors open, even if that means we get subjected to outrageous, exaggerated claims once every couple of years. Sage/Redington have provided me with nothing short of outstanding customer service and products over the years, and they are a NW company, so I say long may they live. It will be interesting to see where they go with the naming convention for their next line; it would seem they have painted themselves into something of a corner with this "One."
  6. Anil

    Anil Active Member

  7. o mykiss

    o mykiss Active Member

    I especially like this claim from Jerry Siem:

    “The ONE Rod offers a more fluid transmission of energy from
    the arm to the fly. The eye sees the cast it wants to make and it
    is translated to the hand and through the rod instantaneously
    − Jerry Siem, Chief Rod Designer

    The next fly rod from Sage is actually expected to cast itself while the angler sits on the bank in a lawn chair drinking beer. I can't wait!
  8. _WW_

    _WW_ Fishes with Wolves

    I figure by the time we get to "THE SEVEN" we won't even have to leave the house...
  9. 20miler

    20miler New Member

    "Is there ANYTHING this 700$+ rod will do that can't be done with a 200$ rod?
    I'll stick with what I've got until they make the case that this rod is worth the money."

    How about: Support an American employee? :)
  10. Denny

    Denny Active Member


    Last time I checked, Bainbridge Island IS in America, Sage is a US-owned company, and the employees at Sage who design, manufacture, assemble, market, and service this rod are also American employees. :rolleyes:
  11. Dan Nelson

    Dan Nelson Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum

    Actually, I think that's the point 20miler was making: His "Support an American employee" seems to have been an answer to the previous question:

  12. 20miler

    20miler New Member

    It is indeed my point. A bold statement for my first post. I kept it short :) I feel anyone scratching their heads looking at the stock market should do as I do: Get out and fish. :)))) That is after buying each and every piece of gear I can domestically and furthermore, locally if possible. You may laugh at the ad campaigns of rod manfacturers, but I suggest you watch RED GOLD and notice the sponsors. We are at a crossroads economically and environmentally. We'd be very wise to support those that get it. Cynicism is laziness and never solved a damn thing.
  13. yuhina

    yuhina Tropical member

    Just wondering if any one cast this rod yet... I found the descriptions from the Midcurrent is very intriguing...

    The ONE offers exceptional tracking with virtually no lateral or torsional movement, resulting in what Sage claims is unparalleled casting accuracy.

    would like to hear some reports on this statement...
  14. Dan Nelson

    Dan Nelson Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum

    I have cast this rod extensively, as have a few of my test team members (including my brother, an eastern WA game warden and fishing magician). I found the One to be extremely accurate, even the face of 10-15 mph winds. We tested extensively on arctic grayling in the White Pass / Fraser BC area above Skagway Alaska. (see report here: )

    I'll have more details later -- I plan to use this on a 3-week road trip through eastern ID, western Montana the end of August/early September. Stay tuned......
  15. Scottpuck

    Scottpuck Member

    Yep, for $700 bucks I think the days of Sage rods in my arsenal are over. Way too many nice rods out there for a third of the price.

    Great Bay and Colton are two examples of great rods made in the US that are far less than $700. Sage has become a name, and you are buying that name. Great rods, but there are american made products that have great quality for far less.
  16. Don Freeman

    Don Freeman Free Man

    It depends on who is casting. I couldn't drive a Ferrari around a track much faster than I can my pickup, but Paul Newman could.
  17. yuhina

    yuhina Tropical member

    Thanks Dan,

    appreciate the report!
    Since accuracy is a relative term. I wonder why you think Z-Axis is "less" accurate than the one? could you compare those two? did the z-axis give you more lateral "wobble" caused more side way waves? or it is just "feel" less accurate.

    I noticed SAGE has been focusing on this fiber alignment for a while now... a expert caster told me that the z-axis align the fiber and has reduce the "spine", also make a side way cast more controlable...not sure if the one has more improvement?
  18. ralfish

    ralfish Active Member

    Yeah, I've casted a 796 for a bit. Buddy had one for the week we fished together. I was really impressed. If I find a deal, I would get one as my go to beach rod. Really light, fast, yet responsive and easy to load and bombs accurate darts to the backing knot and beyond. I like the fact that in a head wind you can really power into it without it crapping out, and yet it doesn't feel like a pool cue. Its definitely a great rod in my books.
  19. Dan Nelson

    Dan Nelson Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum

    You nailed it -- less "wobble" seems to be the key. I found I was able to really load up the One and push line out with far less side drift than the Z-axis or the Orvis Hydros. Sage, I think, got the alignment and vibration tuned in nicely to help make both moderate and experts casters more accurate in their presentations with less effort. In short, I found I can put the fly EXACTLY where I want it far more frequently with the One than I can with either the Z or the Orvis rod.

  20. Gorgefly

    Gorgefly Member

    It's probably ONE thousand bones too.

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