New Small Streams & Creeks group

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Thomas Mitchell, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Thomas Mitchell Active Member

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    Western, WA
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    I have restarted the Small Streams & Creeks group. Due to the info on sensitive watersheds, I deleted the previous SS&C group when the privacy settings were lost in the forum platform upgrade.

    Same as before, the new group will be private and have limited membership to lessen potential impacts - 50 total members. As such, please only request to join if:

    1) You are based in WA, OR, ID
    2) You will actually participate

    If interested, go to the Groups page and submit a request.
  2. Joe Goodfellow Active Member

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    DES moines wa
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    I love creeks my favorite type of water can I join?
  3. Kenneth Yong Member

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    Rome, Italy
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    OK, I'm almost 6,000 miles away from WA, OR or ID, but I would like to join anyhow, since I fish small waters all the time and would like to share experiences and learn new tricks. Would my request be deemed acceptable?

  4. atomic dog Jive Turkey

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    Sent a request. I've already got a laundry list of squiggly blue lines to explore when June 1 rolls around.
  5. Evan Virnoche Guest

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    does skagit count as smalll stream? thanks
  6. Thomas Mitchell Active Member

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    Western, WA
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    Kenneth, You were a great contributor to the previous version. I was already hoping that you would continue to show us those Italian trouts... I need to get over there!
  7. bigdood fishing hack

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    PDX, OR
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    I'd love to get into the group. Won't have any beta to add to it at this time though as I'm still getting my mojo back but would be a willing contributor once I do
  8. Craig Hardt aka Nagasaurus

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    Lynnwood, WA
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    Excellent--thanks Thomas. Request submitted (participated previously under 'Nagasaurus' and updated my forum name since then).
  9. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    Dillon, Mt
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    I'd like to get back in. Even though I'm not in Washington anymore I still have a few more places for everybody to try their luck at. Let me know one way or the other.
  10. Thomas Mitchell Active Member

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    Western, WA
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    OM, sending you an invite was the first thing I did when I set up the group. Check your inbox. If it's not there, just go to the group and request.
  11. FlyinFish Active Member

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    Seattle, WA
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    Request sent. I'm quite new, but hope I can join in and share. Small creeks and opportunistic trout is how I started, and I hope to find more of it in WA this summer.
  12. Patrick Gould Active Member

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    Count me in Thomas.
  13. Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

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    Same here, Thomas. Close by the vexing Icicle!
  14. Billy McFly Active Member

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    Edmonds WA
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    I would love to be apart of this. Backpacking and small streams are on my agenda for this summer.
  15. ken2cross Member

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    Lake Stevens, Wa
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    I prefer small streams, usually way back in the sticks. Too bad not enough of them are open.
  16. Tyler Speir Artist

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    Puyallup, WA
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    I would really like to be part of the group.
  17. Thomas Mitchell Active Member

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    Western, WA
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    Hi Tyler, hope your doing well.

    Anyone who would like to participate - go to the group page and submit the request. People with lots of posts on the main forum are in. If you just joined last week, I'm going to sit on it a while.
  18. Richard Olmstead BigDog

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    Thanks for setting this back up, Thomas. Request sent.
  19. John Wallace Active Member

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    Sent request, I was with the group before. Didn't post a lot but will be getting out more. Thanks John
  20. Billy McFly Active Member

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    This is what I get when I click on the Groups tab... What should I do??

    Washington Fly Fishing - Error
    Sorry, you don't have permission to access the groups section.