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  1. This was an Anglers Roost 5/6 14ft more like a 6/7 but surprisingly is a pretty nice Spey. Defiantly something the major manufactures don’t have. I also have some leather crafters that do some pretty cool work. What you think?


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  2. That is a hell of a fine looking stick. What's the action like (classic/modern)?
  3. Modern. Similar to a fast
  4. Beautiful work.
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  5. Thank you Kerry
  6. Great looking build
    I found with his blanks that his gr/line rating is a little light. Have you had a chance to fish it yet also I might add Amazing looking leather
  7. Nice on all accounts...
  8. I had one of the first ones. It was every bit a 7 or 7/8, fast in action. Feel: it reminded me of what a ski instructor buddy said to me about breast implants: they look beautiful, until you touch them and find that they feel like concrete.
  9. I tried it with a couple different lines and the SA 520 Skagit worked well. The 5 should not be in its caliber. 6/7 I think for sure. Still real fun and worth the money in my opinion.
  10. I just posted it in the classifieds for 170.00. I have way too many.
  11. It's sold.

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