New state Walleye record

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  1. 20.32 lbs.
    Regardless of whether you like them or not, that is one toad Walleye.

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  2. Why is he in a grocery store?
  3. Likely to have access to a certified scale........
    or maybe it was so big it had to be butchered.;)
  4. Yummie!!!
  5. What a pig.

    Ive always heard walleye are delicious. Id love to find out.
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  6. One of my fondest travel memories is of a Walleye fish and chips from a red lobster in WI. I could have died happy that evening.

  7. You heard correct. Tough to find a better fish battered and fried.
  8. Was it caught under an indicator? That would be a brute to tackle on a 5wt. Now was it caught on the Columbia?
  9. That's far to big to be prime dinner faire. The only real value is as a wall mount/ego stroker. If you want to eat one keep one within a few inches of the legal size.
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  10. Walleye are delicious!
  11. Seems to be a bit of confusion. Apparently that picture first appeared on a North Dakota website.
  12. What makes you say that? I thought it first posted to Northwest Sporstman magazine. The fish(and the grocery store he is in) is from tri-cities
  13. I've now seen it posted as being from both Washington and ND.
    I originally heard it was caught in the Columbia.
    I'm not sure where it was caught now. Regardless it is still a toad walleye.
  14. The fella listed lives in Pasco, so it sounds like it may be new WA record.
  15. Caught in McNary pool
  16. I got the word this afternoon that it has been officially certified as a new WA state record!
  17. Always neat to see a record, but in my mind, it would have been a better personal memory.

    Sounds like fun...[​IMG]

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