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  1. martyg

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    So I have been looking for a new solo tent for some time. My current favorite has been an MSR Missing Link, which is a very spacious two person tent, and weighs 3 pounds. Unless I am above tree line I like simple, single wall tents. I also don't see a need to carry tent poles for those situations, when I carry hiking poles.

    I ordered a Tent Tarp Contrail and it is just pimp. I set it up in the backyard and it is a design masterpiece. It is very spacious for a one-person, and the peak height is 115cm, which is huge. There is enough room inside for both my dog and I. Total weight - 1.5 pounds.

    I haven't weighed this in with my overall backpacking kit, with everything minus food & water - should be in the 12 pound range.

    Google Tent Tarp and you will find all kinds of info. They are sewn in Seattle at a great manufacturing facility.
  2. That looks awesome. Great idea and it sounds like they're well made. I'll have to check that out. Their photo gallery makes you want to get out there. Thanks for posting.

  3. Islander

    Islander Steve

    I've always wanted a tarp tent. They look like quaility products. If I'd quit buying fly gear I could probably afford one. bawling:
  4. rooinater

    rooinater aka "JAWS"

    Tarptents are pretty awsome. I suggested a contrail to a buddy earlier this year and he really likes it. I'd own a real tarptent, but I'm cheap and made an original tarptent for 2 from the plans off of . Granted Now I use a spinnaker tarp and bivy setup. got any trail shots of the tent yet?
  5. Randall Dee

    Randall Dee Castaway

    Henry makes some nice tents. I own a Cloudburst and use it when my wife goes with me. Weighs about 36 oz. Otherwise I hammock for solo trips. I really like the Six Moons Design Lunar tents as well in both the Duo and Lunar solo.
  6. zen leecher aka bill w

    zen leecher aka bill w born to work, forced to fish

    what do you guys do about bugs? I'm not much of a backpacker anymore but I remember the last two times I tried saving weight by not taking a tent. Once was with a tarp and the other was with a bivy bag. Bugs were a problem both time and could have been avoided with by using a tent.
  7. rooinater

    rooinater aka "JAWS"

    tarptents mesh the best of both worlds together. They are a single wall tent with a lot of venting which is a nano-see-um type mesh which keeps the bugs out and most of his tarptents include a bathtub floor. They are an excellent design, and Henry Shires continues to come out with new models. Several new models and designs this year alone.

    I use the tarp with a bivy, presently prepping to sew a bug bivy similar to Mountain Laurel Designs bug bivy, which is more open and is basically a mini nano-see-um bug shelter for sleeping or lying around in under the tarp if the flyers are nasty. If I get the dimensions right the tarp plus shelter should be 1lb or sub 1lb including stakes for the tarp.
  8. scottflycst

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    I've purchased a Rainbow from Henry (Tarptent) and will be using it in Colorado next week. When I return I'll post some pics. Glad to hear Henry makes good tents cause we'll be PBing at 10K feet.
  9. rooinater

    rooinater aka "JAWS"

    and not to even mention his customer service that I've heard about. Since I don't own one I haven't directly dealt with him, but everything that I've read or heard is fairly positive. If there was a problem, a defect or a failure he fixes them right up, he also posts on backpackinglight forums from time to time. One of the many reasons the cottage industries for UL backpacking are great, you deal with the designers and the people that make them, not some random customer service department when you have a problem.
  10. Randall Dee

    Randall Dee Castaway

    Tarps, tents, hammocks, quilts, backpacks, stoves................I think all the best backpacking gear now a days is all made by cottage industry.
  11. Dustin Bise

    Dustin Bise Active Member

    I have started using a hammock. Its great.

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