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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by KerryS, Jan 14, 2011.

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    Isn't that how a company gets ahead? What's wrong with taking a product and having it custom built for your needs? In the definition Meiser states it was what the anglers were calling it. Look back when the "Yancy lines" were out there. Weren't people already chopping up DT lines and throwing on a sink tip (skagit)? Same goes for the MOW tips as people were already combing floating and sinking lines. I guess some people would like to have a company custom build a line for your rod as SGS does with Meiser. There are so many different lines out there from speydicator to switch to tactical steelhead it gets confusing and don't think it will stop anytime soon.
  2. speyday Rod tubes in the overhead compartment

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    Much ado about --- nothing.

    A really nice guy trying to make a living out of something I personally love --gets people angry and cursing.


    Excuse me while I also find something trivial, and get angry and curse---I'm going to send e-mails to ODFW about trying to resurrect dwindling stocks of wild fish in the Sandy--- and pull myself away from this crisis.

    Have a Grateful Day !
  3. KerryS Ignored Member

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    Oh gee, upset another of the faithful. Send a few to wdfw while you are at it. Whew, crisis avoided.
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    Agreed. As I'm typing I wonder why I bother to respond to a post thats sole purpose is to bitch, but since I use SPG's ( a great guy to talk to, very helpful and willing to answer whatever questions you may have) skandit heads I must defend their convenience and effectiveness. Within minutes you can can switch from the skagit head, heavy zinc tip, and large eyed fly, the tapered floating tip, tapered polyleader, long leader, and a sparse light fly,....which will t&g cast much smoother than the former setup(obviously). If you don't ever want to speak the words skandit or purchase this bs new line..., then you don't have to. But I thought I'd let it be known that Steve is a good guy with innovative ideas.
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    You guys take this stuff way to seriously. My question was is another term really needed. I don't think so and I said so. To me it is just more useless marketing gibberish. My opinion only and not the end. I guess if some cat thinks it helps him sell a few rods or a few lines well ok but don't count on me to support it. To the faithful if anyone questions the need for such things he is attacking the holy. What ever.
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    To the Cloud!
  7. MDL We work to become, not to acquire.

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    I did not view it as an attack on the guy. There are so many different lines out there for your casting style and fit for your rod. Is the skandit line anything different than Airflo's Tactical Steelhead line? Just a different tool for your arsenal. We can have differing opinions on what tool is best used to deliver the fly. If we don't like it we don't have to use it. What would you call it if you were trying to market a new line? Look at all the other line companies that have new names for the product they are trying to sell.
    Tight lines...
  8. John Hicks Owner and operator of Sea Run Pursuits

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    Kerry, the people that need new terms are the tattooed up girl in Cabelas fly shop today. She was a graffics designer for Rio. Trying to "update" their packaging. She said it is so eighties and no one will buy it like that. I told her WTF. Fly guys don't really give a shit about packaging and if you put it in a plain brown box that said Skagit 650grains floating it would sell better. She did not get the joke.
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    More bullcrap to sell lines sounds like to me.
  10. BDD Active Member

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    Cool. Can you build me a 000 weight Spey rod?
  11. _WW_ Fishes with Wolves

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    No...I could do a 000wt Fley Rod tho...however, no one gets one until after I do! :)
  12. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    More useless bullshit.
  13. ralfish Active Member

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    Is there a problem with having terms to differentiate line systems for the multitudes of different applications?

    So rather than having terms that define what the thing is , its better to just call it: fly line?

    ''Whatcha using?'' ''Fly line'' .....hmmm
  14. Bob Jones Still truckless now farther away

    Well come back Jim. Sorry I hadn't known you were gone so I didn't miss you!!!! Mumbles did though. couldn't stop talking about it yesterday/
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    Oh no, don't get him started.
  16. KerryS Ignored Member

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    Home made short bellied line for an 8124. Sorry, I can't come up with a snappy marketing term for it.
  17. Ed Call Mumbling Moderator

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    I've got two Skandits from Steve Godshall. I don't give a damn what the marketing calls it, the line works for me on my rod. There is a taper differnce between a Double Taper, Weight Forward, Rocket Taper, Steelhead Taper, Extreme Rocket Taper, Skagit, Scandi, Long belly and all kinds of other stuff. It is just a word, is it that skanditlous to have a new term introduced into fly fishing? We get a handful of new terms each year, we can keep up with that I'd think.
  18. Thomas Mitchell Active Member

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    I don't own a skandit system one but if I can say "skandit" and another angler knows what I am trying to articulate is "line system consisting of a skagit head looped to a weight-balanced, tapered floating head matched to the skagit head so that I can easily swap out tips for light polyleaders for touch-n-go casting without having to change heads or spools", then I'm all for the simplicity of the term.

    No different than the use of the term "skagit" to express "short heavy shooting head with little or no taper which enables casting of the very heavy sink tips needed to more easily turn over large, weighted flies".

    It's just part our natural semantic proclivity to abbreviate for efficiency (or laziness, take your pick). Marketeers certainly take advantage but the same thing occurs outside commercial use. It's particularly crazy in Japanese were they make up all sorts of new terms just for the sack of abbreviation.
  19. KerryS Ignored Member

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    Perhaps you nailed it Thomas. It all has gone to technical for me. I wasn't really all that enamored with the term "Skagit" for lines and some sort of casting when it first came about. I even seen a pontoon boat named "Skagit" in the Cabela's catalog. It wasn't that long ago if you didn't live in NW Wa or didn't fish for steelhead (or maybe a logger) you likely never heard of the Skagit. Oh well, time marches on. I will stick to my no name home made lines for the most part and let the rest deal with all the new fangled stuff with the meaningless marketing terms. Its your money anyway.
  20. LD Active Member

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    Call it what you want, but the question is does it work or not??? They come out with new fly rods, cars, reels, etc .................... Not because we need them but because they are trying to sell something. Skandit a marketing term or just felt that it was enough different that is needed its own name?
    I purchased a 14' 7/8 deer creek last spring. I was getting the usual opnions about lines 540, 570, etc. It can be somewhat frustrating to dial in a rod and line. We do not have the benefit of the free clinics on the east side to help. After seeing the reviews and thinking who better to talk to about a line than the guy that designed the rod and for the same price as an off the shelf line. I called Bob and talked to him for a while and ordered one. Has taken me a while to get the casting down, but it does match the rod very well. I had to make one call and got dialed in, no messing around with buying/trying different lines. I have mostly fished dry line on the Clearwater so do not know how it works with sink tips or weighted flies, so will have to see. But what ever it is called I am happy with the purchase.