New TFO switch rods.

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  1. Just got the 11ft 7wt.

    Has anyone matched a line to this this rod?
  2. I have the same rod. I have the Rio AFS 7 tips for the sconventional and an Airflo 9/10 beach line for overhead. Haven't used the combos enough yet to be confident with them.
  3. I have the 11-foot, 7-weight TFO Deer Creek switch rod which I used for a couple of days on the Olympic Peninsula last week. It is rated at 350-550 grains. At the suggestion of the folks at All About the Fly, I loaded it with a Scientific Anglers 8-weight Short Spey line and it worked very well as the 350-grain line for both switch and overhead casting. For the other end of the range, 550-grains they suggested a Skagit Spey 550-grain. I plan to take both lines with me to the Trinity River in September for some steelhead fishing.
    I really like the rod and the switch rod concept. Now I just have to learn how to cast it more consistantly.
    Les Johnson
  4. 550 seems a bit much. I was thinking the 350 Rio Skagit. I've never overhead cast a skagit line though. Do they work well for single hand casting? You would still have to cast them from their loading point, which would pretty much eliminate any close to the bank 15-20 ft casts. Calvin (Fullerfly) has the rod right now and was going to mess around with it. Maybe he already matched it up.
  5. The Rio AFS 7/8 460grain seemed to light for me, I was just casting it out back though. I am taking it to the Koot. tomorrow, I will let you know.

    As for single handing or overheading a skagit...not too much of a problem, just a sloppy presentation. I would go with the AFS.

  6. I am seriously stoked about the 6wt which seems to be about the perfect beach/smaller water summer rod for me. I have tried the 8wt SA single hand skagit head which works very nicely for spey/skagit casting since it sits square in the middle of the grain weight for the 6wt. For over head casting I'm going to try the Rio Max II 300 and 350 grain shooting heads since 400 grains felt too heavy when I tried over handing the SA Skagit head.
  7. These rods were desiged around Spey Lines, so they do have standard Spey line ratings. As a general rule, for Scando or Overhead casting stay to the lower end of the grain window, for Skagit casting, use the upper end of the grain scale.

    Mike has the full set of these rods to demo at the Sunday event if you want to try them out, or bring your rod down to figure out the line that works best for you.
  8. I found the 8-weight SA Short Spey floating line worked well for mid-range overhead casts to as far as I could reach out. The Spey line weight range worked pretty darned well for me, given my lack of experience with it. I don't usually get this excited over new rods since so many good ones have passed through my hands over the years but my 11-foot, 7-weight Deer Creek switch rod is going to be effective and a lot of fun to use.
    Since I'm leaving town for a few weeks I won't be able to get to the Snoqualmie to see Mike, but I will when I get back.
  9. I threw the 420 grain Airflo Compact on that 7 - WT yesterday with a Type-3 and it casted very well. It turned over large flies with ease.

  10. Anybody cast a TFO 8 or 9 wt switch? Trying to decide which to buy. Any dealers in the Tacoma area who actually have these rods? The bozo at Cabelas didn't even know what I was talking about!
  11. What do you want to know? They're the same rod; one is an 8 wt. and the other a 9 wt. There won't be any difference in the rod aside from backbone, so it depends on the application you're looking for.

    I got my 11/7 for trout fishing. The 5 or 6 would seem like the more mainstream choice, but I had to take in to consideration what I'm using the rod for. I'm fishing big rivers, with tips and big flies, for bigger than average trout. A 5 or 6 would have been good for the fight but bad for fishing.
  12. Just wanted to know where I could cast or wiggle the 2 rods. Looking for more backbone than my ZA 7 wt Switch, which has already broken twice this year.
  13. Mike has both rods are at the Sunday Spey Event at Ben Howard Boat launch in Monroe. You can test them out to see what you think.
  14. How'd that go down?
  15. Sorry, Sunday is not good. Cuts into my fishing time. I'll just buy one online. It won't be the first or last time that I buy a rod without casting it first.
  16. Big fish! One was probably a Springer.
  17. Sash, I have them listed online if you are interested.

  18. Sorry FF, Oregon dealer beat your listed price and doesn't charge for next day delivery.
  19. Way to support your fellow board members Sasha. :beathead:
  20. Some things may be better left unsaid, untyped or unacknowledged. To each his/her own I guess.

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