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  1. I've read just about every post related to fly fishing for tuna on this site and first, I just wanted to say thanks for all the info and help to this point. I am looking forward to hooking my first fish.

    First, I am new to saltwater fly fishing and any serious fly fishing so most of this is all new. I believe I am going to purchase a TFO blue water 10-12 paired with a Ross monument 6lt. Two questions;

    1) sounds like the rio outbound line is the ticket. What grain shoulda use? Also, do shorten the head or leave it at the factory length? What's the advantage of cutting it down?

    2). Where can purchase the shock and awe flys or similar flys?

    We do a lot of tuna fishing on our private boat out of northern California so I expect some trial and air. I plan to use the rod to cast to jumpers, the slide and when we have them boiling on bait.
  2. Anil from Puget Sound Fly in Tacoma, WA hosts a number of popular tuna trips off the coast of WA. He's also the fellow who created the Shock and Awe. I highly suggest contacting him. You can get his shop's info from the list of sponsors.
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  3. Man if you are on the school you can't get it away from them....they are not particular. Any feather tied on a hook will work. Over weight that TFO 12 wt with at least a 14 wt sinking head. I'd opt for the heavier 12 weight rod. You never know the size of what is coming out of the school. After that first long run it is a "brutal" tug of war with the fish straight down below you. The lifting power of the 12 wt will help. If you can get it in a shorter rod that is better. A 5 wt will get them to the boat but it takes a stiffer rod to land them. When I hook one of these on an 8 wt, tears come to my eyes.
  4. What rod would you recommend? I haven't purchase a rod yet. There are definitely times when they will bite anything and can't wait to hook them on the fly. I've read about some kind of backing that you guys use on fly reels. Some gel line?

    Thanks for the help! We have been crushing the salmon down here! Perhaps if I can get this rig setup I'll see if I can land one on the downrigger.
  5. There is a website called stripersonline. In the classified section, there are quite a few rods and reels for sale. If I had the money I would jump on one of them. Also check out Not trying to stear him away from any sponsers, just giving him sources for information and equipment. Of course, check with sponsers here
  6. TFO builds a Bluewater rod that is relatively inexpensive. I've used a 13-15 wt. with good success. I paired it with a Ross Momentum 8 and a Rio Big Game line. It might sound like overkill but you never know when you will hook a really big tuna. The outfit doesn't cast very well but it gets the job done when you have to land the fish. Now I use a Sage Xi2 14 weight rod with the same reel. It casts much better but then, we're usually trolloing for the fish.
  7. While the best days of tuna fishing are exactly as you describe, I've certainly had them be maddeningly picky. You only have to take a glance at an Albacore's huge eye to realize that (like all Tuna) they have very good eyesight.
    I've come up on schools of Albacore feeding on Krill, and even live Anchovies won't coax them away from the balls of crustaceans. That being said, I hope to never encounter that again...

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