New to lake fishing ( on flies)

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Peyton00, Mar 31, 2013.

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    I just started fly fishing lakes last year. I have been a gear guy all my life.. I am looking for lakes near Puyallup, Tacoma, Olympia area. ( I live on South hill Puyallup). I made the drive over to a lake in Shelton and had great success this past week using a wooley bugger on the troll or dropping anchor and stripping it . (I posted a thread asking about sinking line this past week in the general forum.) I have a 16' pontoon boat that is loaded up( gas or elec motor) and ready to go, and i am eager to get out and learn more. I have done lots of dry fly fishing on the Yakima river, some nymphing, my casting is respectful and my character is about the same. ;) I am wanting to fish chironomids as my next step in stillwater fishing. If anybody wants to go fishing with me and show me something about Chiro fishing that would be great. I don't mind the drive to Shelton to fish the lake... its just i would like to fish closer to home and try other lakes too. Feel free to share info and/or set up a day to fish.
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    You should check out Munn Lake in Tumwater. Also check out the WDFW stocking reports and you can check lakes by county and find stocked lakes near you.
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    I went back to the lake in Shelton. It was windy and cloudy til 3pm ish. I didn't do so well on the chironomids. I was using a dry fly on top and dropping the chiro below about 2 ft. I tried a couple diff tactics. I used an indicator and just the chiro... one fish in 2 hours. I then switched over to the wooley bugger and did great again. I did see one other boat out there and they were doing well free drifting a leech or bugger.
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    Keep at it.
    Since you relatively new to fishing lakes, perhaps a couple of suggestions that will help you out with chironomid fishing.
    First, knowing the depth of the water you are fishing is extremely helpful. A quick way to measure your depth is to attach your hemostats to your fly and lower it to the bottom.
    Once you determine your depth, set your indicator so your fly is about a foot off the bottom. If you aren't hitting fish, you can decrease the length of your leader by moving your indicator down your leader. Still not hitting fish, likely time to move to a different spot of try a different fly. Using two flies will also give you more opportunity to hook up.

    Fishing shallower water first while you are starting chironomid fishing should help as well. 10' or so would be a good starting point. You won't have to deal with long leaders and a standard 9' tapered leader will put you in the zone.

    Lastly, consider buyIng a throat pump. It will help you identify what chironomids or other food sources the fish are actively feeding on. Sometimes the bug of choice can change throughout the day.

    Hope this helps,
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    Thanks, stonefish. I am eager to keep at it. The Chiro is small and down deep and i have no idea if they are laughing at it down there or circling ready to pounce. I will tie on two and get them right off the bottom, thanks for the insight. The weather is suppose to get crappy as the weekend approaches, i will prob go back again Tuesday. Report will follow.
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    I went back today. I landed 2 fish using the 2 fly set up. One on top bug and one on dropper. Its was slow for me, my buddy fished a sinking tip line and a bug he likes and had constant action for 2+ hours. I did my best to be patient, i eventually switched over to the wooley bugger and landed a nice big fish. Going to try a diff. lake this coming week.
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    If you are interested in a superb reference for stillwater, check out this book, written by a WFF poster. Pretty much all you need to dial in your skills.

    Stillwater Strategies
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    Thanks Eyejuggler. It looks like money well spent, I can re-read it after i forget most of it. Any and all help is appreciated.
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    I just ordered a copy myself. It will be here tomorrow, thank you amazon prime!
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