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    A long time friend just gave me two Finwicks. A 8 1/2 foot 8wt Ff858,with a M s/n and a 8 foot 6wt FF79 with a J S/N. I have lines spooled up on some modern reels that I plan on doing some lawn casting with. The 6 wt seems to have some of the glass breaking through the finish. My question is how big of a problem is this going to be? Should I try and fix this myself or take it to a pro? Any ideas how to go about fixing it if it is a easy fix that is? Think you for any help that can be offered.
  2. rockthief

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    A couple coats of good varnish will fix it fine. How many places and how big are you talking about?

    Over time the finish likely wore off and you want to protect the fiberglass from UV rays, hence the varnish treatment.

    Be sure to let the varnish cure for whatever time it says on the can. It could be a day or two. If you are patient you could do three coats. You can apply with a foam brush or you can use your fingers. Thin coats will dry and cure sooner than thick coats. Resist the temptation to glob the stuff on. Should you choose to remove the guides, then you could do the entire rod and rewrap the guides on. Have fun whatever you do. You have two fine fishing rods. If you have never cast fiberglass then be sure to slow your back and fore casts. Those rods often have a sweet spot and almost cast themselves. You just might be spoiled for graphite. Good friend you have!

    You can find spar varnish or other good urethanes at Ace hardware

    I have five rods I am redoing at the moment. It's a bit much but fun, not just work. :)

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  3. Bagman

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    Thank you that will help. Should I sand it down with steel wool first?
  4. Jerry Daschofsky

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    That FF858 is a great rod. I have one I've had for years (over 30) that I love to death.
  5. rockthief

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    No steel wool. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol and off you go. Steel wool could remove any thin around the exposed area and then you'd have a bigger area to treat. I would take a close look at the entire rod.

  6. ukntcme

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    That FF79 makes a nice 5wt.

  7. Bagman

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    Not sure what you mean as mine is a 6wt. I was planing on giving it a try in the salt for Cuts. Is the glass too light as a 6wt for cuts? Or are you just saying to use 5wt line?