New to Seattle - need to wet a line...!

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Ping Shen, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Ping Shen New Member

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    Hi folks,

    Just moved to Seattle from San Francisco, and looking for some pointers on where to wet a line these days. Favorites in the SF area were stripers on the Delta or going after rockfish from a kayak on Monterey Bay or elsewhere along the coast....

    Any good places to target rockfish in the Seattle area? Bainbridge Island? Unfortunately I don't have a yak up here so some place close to a rental or with a good launch would be great.

    I've read a bunch about the SRC action from beaches of course, though I feel like I might spend a good deal of time just flailing away on random points and shorelines without a guided trip or two to start.

    Any worthwhile fishing in Lake Washington? Lake Union? Green Lake?

    All input is appreciated...looking forward to getting to know the area and its waters!! Thanks.
  2. Evan Virnoche Guest

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    Green lake has good trout fishing in it.

    lake washington has some stellar small mouth bass fishing as well. however i dont reocomend trying to float tube lake washington after about 9 o clock in the morning.
  3. Ping Shen New Member

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    Hey thanks Bass_turds! - I love smallies and would be interested in Lake Washington...any rental watercraft out there, or good shore access?
  4. Joepa Joe from PA

    Rockfish are closed in Puget Sound. I assume you can't target them. Last year was the first time I ever ran into large numbers of black rockfish in PS, caught incidentally while targeting Ling cod so they appear to be recovering. Curiously, they were huge fish too, significantly larger than the rockfish I typically see out at Neah Bay, so I'm not sure if I just stumbled on a old resident school or what. Anyway, there's a short 6 week season for lings starting in May that you may want to consider.
  5. Stonefish Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater

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  6. Jason Rolfe Wanderer

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    SRC fishing from the beach isn't too tricky. Stop by a fly shop nearby where you are located and they could get you set up really quick. Grab a couple clousers, find a rocky beach and fish it at high tide.

    Have fun and welcome to the area.

  7. Ping Shen New Member

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    Thanks Joe - I always C&R rockfish; in CA waters I would "fish" for rockfish during closed seasons and just release everything, never had a problem with fish and game..there were plenty of species still open and as long as you didn't have anything in your possession that was out of season not much they would do. Any idea if this is the same in WA?
  8. Big E Moderator

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    I guess you've just shown us how ethical of a fisherman you are eh?
  9. Joepa Joe from PA

    Last time I checked "closed" meant illegal to target in WA.

    I was fishing 9" clousers and a 9 wt rod for lings, so it would have been hard for someone to argue that I was targeting rockfish, but that would not be the case if you got caught ling cod fishing using a 4" clouser and a 7wt rod. Also, last time I checked, a "game violation" in WA was a CRIMINAL offence (not an infraction). I've heard some stories about folks being considered "undesirable" and denied access into Canada for having a criminal record, but don't know if that's really true. Don't risk it.
  10. Steve Saville Active Member

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    You can't target a closed fish here. The wardens will ticket you big time if they suspect you are. Lake Washington has some sizable cutthroat, I have beard.